children storyThree Wise

©Andrés Díaz Marrero

treeGuinep (Melicoccus bijuga) is a tropical tree cultivated in the West Indies for its fruit. The fruit appears like bunches of large, green grapes.

Three birdies were living in the woods close to a hill. They were brothers. Dally was the elder, Pearly, came second, and last came Tinkle, her little brother. Dally, learns by looking. Pearly, learns by listening. Tinkle, learns by heeding the teaching of his sisters. Dally, who learns by looking, had learned the different places of the forest patch. She knew the distance between the shrubs and the trees. She also knew about trees with hollows on them.

The three wise birdies were chatting on the branch of a mango tree. Dally was reminding Tinkle about their mom's warnings: "We must always be on alert when at the ground looking for worms or picking seeds to eat." Pearly and Tinkle nodded. Dally continued "We have to look at all sides while picking. We need to keep our ears open and ready to listen to any noise that might means danger. We got to be ready to flight in case we need to. Above all we must beware of the red tail hawk. The red tail hawk is a big bird and he likes to eat the small birdies. If we where to..."

All of a sudden, holding the tip of her wing to her tightly closed beak, Pearly asked for silence. She had listened to a strange noise. They all froze still, and seconds later they heard a strong flapping of wings.

children storyDally had already seen the shadow of the red tail hawk on the ground. She moved her beak back and forth and shouted: " follow me!" Their brothers all flew behind her.

"Hurry up! let's hide in the hollow of the guinep tree." They obeyed.Dally knew that the guinep tree had a hollow big enough to allow only small birds to go trough. The red tail hawk was too big to enter it. Said and done. The three of them flew into the hollow of the tree to hide.

The red tail hawk flew in circles around the tree. Cackling with fury above in the air because his chance for a quick meal was gone.

Safe in the hollow of the tree the three wise birdies went back to their talk. There they spoke about the importance of learning to look and to listen; they also spoke about small brother's heeding the advice of the elders. Because of their wisdom they all were unharmed.

What ever happened to the red tail hawk?
He had to go some place else to look for meal!

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