storyThe Fly

©Andrés Díaz Marrero

That night, she saw when he opened the cupboard. Thus, she flew over the man's head. From up above she observed the malicious smile on his face as he was reaching for the fly swat.

The man ran after her swatting right and left: Swoosh! Splat! Swish! Thump! But she escaped from being hit, by flying in zigzag. After a long and wild chase the fly felt so tired that she could hardly fly; for that reason she set down on top of the lamp. The man giggles, a laugh. He mindfully figured out the distance to the lamp; and then released the blow. The poor little fly barely escapes from it!

The blow went straight to the light bulb on the lamp, breaking it. The room became pitch dark. And since the man did not have a spare bulb the fly knew that for that night she could sleep calm.

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