Puerto Rican Children's literature

Spanish short stories and poems, translated into english.


01. The Snail
02. My Shaggy Litte Goat
03. The Sailor's Song
04. The Butterfly
05. To a Mosquito
06. My Puppy
07. Jump Rope
08. My Cat
09. Doing my Chores
10. Hurry up and go to Sleep!
11. The Lizard
12. Mr. Rabbit
13. Come Play With Me
14. The Land Crab
15. The Parrots
16. The Rainbow
17. The Honey Bee
18. My New Baby Brother

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Short Stories


  1. The Skateboard Race
  2. A Good Night Story
  3. The Fly
  4. Three Wise Birdies
  5. Why Elephants Walk Slowly
  6. It's a Cricket!
  7. The Areyto

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