Under the direction, wisdom and expertise of Luis Perico Ortiz here at LPO Productions Inc. we take a personalize care of our clients in the turf of musical productions. In our past thirty (30) years of experience, (under different company names: Sunrise Productions, Perico Records and Dialen Promotions Inc.) we have produce, direct, arrange and compose for hundreds of latin american artists. Our association with the top record companies is of a great integrity as well as professionalism. We also serve many independent record labels and artists. We are the true connection for your next musical production. Let us be part of your musical history. More information of Luis Perico Ortiz ("go home" and check his resume-biography).


1. Musical Production.
    We will be in charge of the selection of songs, musical arrangements, recording studio booking, musician's booking, art design, photos, musical direction, final mixes and mastering. From A to Z this is the one stop music service needed by you or your record label next project.

2. Arranging
    a. Musical arrangements tailor to suit you capacity as a vocalist or instrumentalist style.
    b. Music Scoring for film, video and advertising agencies.

3. Song Composition
    A vast library from many latin composers awaiting for you. All styles.

4. Midi Recording Studio
    Here is where we produce the music, sequence it, perform, compose, pre-mix and take it to the next level. Well equip room with thousands of sounds and the latest technology.

5. Art & Design Department

For more information on the above please contact us at (1-787-760-0336)

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