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They're real! Here's proof...

In this section you'll find some videos of real Sea-MonkeysŪ at different stages of life.. This may answer 'What do they look like when they grow up?'.

If you have the Media Player application to run as a default player for .MPG files, you'll notice that the Media Player will start to play the file inmediatelly, but please wait until the video is completelly downloaded before pressing the "Play" button.

Babies Sea-Monkeys® WATCH VIDEO
220k, 11 secs. video with babies Sea-Monkeys® frolicking around a Castle, celebrating its first day of being alive
240k, 12 secs. video of Sea-MonkeysŪ with only four days of being alive, ready to be feed for the first time in their lives.
201k, 9 secs. video of 3 weeks old Sea-Monkeys, frolicking in a yellow 'neon' tank. They are 1/8" to 1/4" inch and are too young to be able to distinguish their sex.
Lovers Dance WATCH VIDEO
240k, 12 secs. A pair of loving Sea-MonkeysŪ dancing around the tank.
Green Bowl of Joy WATCH VIDEO
650k, 20 secs. Is this what Mr. Braunhut imagined when he first started marketing Sea-MonkeysŪ? A green bowl of happiness. Castle included.
That girl is mine WATCH VIDEO
257k, 12 secs. A female and two "macho" Sea-MonkeysŪ in a real fight. (Caution: if you try to separate them, you will cause them far more injury than they can inflict themselves!)
How to tell them apart WATCH VIDEO
340k, 15 secs. This may answer the most popular question asked to the 'Uncle'.
765K, 22 secs. A great video that shows off the athletic abilities of my pets. If you are one of those 'see-to-believe-it' you gotta see this one!
Sea-Monkey® farm WATCH VIDEO
155k, 5 secs. An example of a tank full of aquatic clowns.

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