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This month's winner

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Finally, the 'lost' newsletters!. These newsletters were half/done and because I had extra work to do, and was hit by a severe hard disk crash, I had to rewrite most of the articles and recompile some graphics again.

My real intention is to have a monthly newsletter, but be sure that EVERY WINNING PARTICIPANT IS GETTING THEIR PRIZES EVERY MONTH!. If you're a winner, I'll contact you, even if I don't publish the current month's newsletter.


Congratulations to the happy winner!

(please email me, I lost your address! Thanks!)

Transcience's Bizarre Pets

From time to time, I meet and chat with some new Sea-Monkey friends. This time I was "talking" with a new friend called Travis.

Travis was "toying" with the idea of what will be the new "pets" in development at Transcience, and then a new set of possibilities started to fly in our heads. One of the pets mentioned in the Sea-Monkey handbook was a "bear-like" creature.

Travis found over the internet an organism called "water-bears". It is more like a 'bear-like' amoeba. It can be dried and awakened with a drop of water.

If Transcience has a marketing idea for this, I can say that it must include a microscope, because is the only way you can actually see this creature.

I found that for the instant frogs stuff, there's actually some species that can actually enters into a suspended animation stage when they're frozen or by other means and can be awakened when brought to the proper temperature.

Anyway, we were just "toying" with the idea and doesnt mean that it will be the actual new Transcience's pets, but I can imagine that it requires a lot of time in thinking, planning and testing these pets before marketing them to general public, so take your time Transcience.


Water Bear
"Water Bear"

Frozen Frog
A "Frozen" Frog
(rana sylvatica)

If you have your own ideas about these new pets, let us know!

A Pet-Toy for your Windows Desktop

I have a new Sea-Monkey Windows application in the form of a Desktop Companion or "Desktop Toy". I really had other plans for this big swimming artemia, but I finally decided to use it as my Desktop "pet".

To use it, install and execute the file at any time. You can "grab" and move the Artemia anywhere over the Desktop. If you want to close the Application, click over the Artemia and hit the "ESCape" key.

Hope you enjoy this.

If you have Triops, show them this big Artemia and tell them to behave with Sea-Monkeys or they'll have to face their "big brother" :)

happy male

Press HERE to download the Artemia Desktop Toy (476k for Windows)

Q: It is ok to add ornamental plants and gravel to a Sea-Monkey tank? (NEW Video)

The dilemma of adding ornaments to Sea-Monkey tanks seems eternal. First, I must say that my quick answer to that question is to avoid using ornaments with Sea-Monkeys, except Sea-Diamonds (and I always suggest you use less than the half of the package).

However, if you visit my office you'll find a big 1 gallon tank with colorful gravel and a glow-in-the-dark plastic plant in the middle, and you may think "this is not what this guy suggests in his site" The answer is pretty simple; Sea-Monkey formulas and procedures are not created for bigger, ornamented tanks. I can't responsably suggest something that I know for sure that will cause a massive disappearing act of your Sea-Monkeys.

Sea-Monkey Uncle's Farm
My Sea-Monkey Farm.
Take a look at this short 155k *NEW* 5 secs. video by pressing HERE

A more complicated answer is; yes, you can prepare a batch of Artemias by using the method described in my "Breeding Wild Artemias" section, and prepare an ornamented tank, but I must warn you, this requires a lot of patience, as curing the tank and ornaments requires several weeks of testing and preparation before adding your pets.

By "testing" I mean choosing different kind of ornaments and gravel and putting them thru a test with hot water and several days of direct sun and heavy salt water. If the ornament's color fades or if you notice that the water contains particles from the ornaments, dont use them. Do this several times before you finally decide that the ornaments do ok in salty water.

If you plan to "glue" the ornament, use ONLY Aquarium Silicon and let it dry FOR A WEEK OR MORE. Then, I suggest to use the method of rinsing with hot, salty water and let it dry again.

Several weeks will pass doing these tests, but the real "wait" is coming now... you have to finally prepare the tank and let it take some sunlight during a few more weeks until it develops some natural algae. I suggest you use a white cloth in front of the tank to avoid a direct exposure to the sun (as a kind of sunscreen). Look carefully for tiny bubbles during the day that arise from the bottom, this usually mean some kind of algae activity, and the tank is almost prepared to be filled with young Artemias.

No matter which method you used to raise the Artemias, try to throw out some of the new tank's water to use some of the Artemia's water. YOU MAY ALSO NEED A CONSTANT 4 WATTS LIGHT, DAY AND NIGHT to encourage the continous growth of algae.

PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH A SELF-CONTAINED ECOSYSTEM, YOU HAVE TO STILL FEED YOUR PETS! The purpose of the algae growth is to ensure a good oxygenation and some "snack" for your pets, but another source of food is mandatory to ensure several generations of families grow in your new tank.

If you get involved in a similar project, please share it with the Sea-Monkey community! :)

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