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This month's winner
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Congratulations to the happy winner!

New Racing Speedway kit & video!

One of the new kits out there is the Speedway Challenge. When you talk about this with some people, they usually don't understand what is all about or can't imagine how this really works.

I prepared a short 22 secs video (765k) to show people how this works and what Sea-Monkeys look like when they're racing.

If you find the idea of a Sea-Monkey Speedway attractive but you're not sure about geting one, this video may help you.

About the video: The young female actress in the video is a trained Sea-Monkey. You can tell by the way she runs! A good timing in pumping the water back and forth on your part is also crucial for the proper response of your Sea-Monkey.

I used a genuine 1975 racetrack for the video. Keep that in mind if you notice that your new racetrack is slightly diffferent.

My racetracks are those that came in pairs (just like the new ones), but they were made with a white colored, heavier plastic..

At that time, the tracks consisted mostly of one "curved" track and another "straight" track.

The kit also contained a decorated plastic mat for the racetracks and two race pumps among other decorative items. Later in the 70's the kit was stripped down to a single racetrack.

I hope you enjoy the video and have some fun with your racetracks. I really suggest you obtain this kit as an important part of your Sea-Monkey collection.

Ready, set, GO!
You have to see the video!
You have to see the video!
Winner Sea-Monkey
We have a winner!

Look at this wonderful Speedway Racetracks at:

Remember to search for "Sea-Monkeys"

A Star is Born in the Sea-Monkey Ocean

A few days ago, I received a fine piece of art that I won in an auction.

The painting is printed on a 7 x 11 poster and was signed by Elise, a very talented artist. I like it very much.

The impressionism style, agreeable use of color and patterns, and the Sea-Monkey theme was more than sufficient factors to frame and hang it in my office, a definitive conversation piece.

This artwork also has an interesting story.

If you have a good taste for art, you can contact Elise or look at some art from her portfolio at eBay.

Good job Elise and thanks for sending me this so fast!


Sea-Monkey art
Contact the artist for more info about this artwork.


That's right! I'll be giving out a Sea-Monkey Magic Castle for this Xmas.

To select the prize I will try to contact Santa and on December 25 we will select the lucky winner.

As a second prize I'll be giving away again, a vintage Growth Food package.

Happy holidays and wish you luck! :)

(Remember to enter your participation!!!)

Win THIS for this Xmas!
Enter YOUR participation NOW

Q: Proper uses for Sea-Monkey portable aquariums and other uses for them.

The Sea-Bubble is an interesting artifact. Despite the fact that the 1960's Bubbles were cooler and more 'mystical', but they were very fragile (Hmmm... well, maybe that's why they were mystical!)

Sea-Bubble can't be found in stores, you have to order them directly from Transcience, but when you are prepared to order, Try to obtain more than one, they can be used for several purposes, including those that you will discover for yourself after reading this article, and that I'll be more than happy to publish if you share your findings with us!

Given the fact that we are so close to Xmas, if you already have a Sea-Bubble, you're lucky, because we found two new uses for the Sea-Bubble.

The first, to use them as a xmas tree ornament. Cool, isnt it? Just remember that pocket aquariums are made for pet's transportation, and it will be a very uncorfortable place to live after 24 hours.

Follow these steps;
  1. Try to aereate their water before picking your pets/water to transfer them to any pocket aquarium. This will ensure that the water is oxygenated and that contains food particles before transfering them to a smaller, portable environment.
  2. Resist the temptation to feed them in the pocket aquarium, follow step #1 instead.
  3. Avoid the overexposure to direct sunlight or drastic temperature changes. Remember that the smaller the container the greater the risk of overheating or freezing them!
  4. Rinse the pump you use to transfer them with fresh bottled water and wrap it in a paper towel. I'll try to stress this, because many Sea-Monkey related problems are caused by bacterias that found their way to the Sea-Monkey tank.
  5. Rinse the container with fresh water and let it dry when not in use. You can also leave fresh bottled water inside the container, but flush and rinse before using it again.
  6. If you have plans to use the Sea-Bubble as a Xmas tree ornament for an extended period, remember to replace the water and animals after 24 hours has passed, following step #1. That explanation seems like a big deal, but if you read it several times, you'll notice that it makes sense and will be easier to remember.

The second use of the Sea-Bubble for this Xmas is to wear it as a Pokeball! We have to get involved in a craft project to accomplish that. Like many craft projects, this will require adult supervision and a little patience.

(c)copyright Nintendo
(c) copyright Nintendo
(c)copyright Nintendo

You want one of these? With a REAL 'pocket' pet inside? Let's do it!
(Don't ask Drake, or he'll try to catch your's!)

So you'll need;

  • Sea-Bubble
  • 3 acrilyc paints; white, red & black
  • a fine brush
  • A good idea of what a Pokeball looks like. If you lived in Mars during the last few years you must need to find a Pokemon expert or just obtain a Sea-Monkey on Mars kit to feel like home.
  • a special ability to draw circles or the ability to convince someone with this ability to draw a circle for you.
  • patience, to paint without messing too much (like I did and that's why I suggest acrylic paintings) and patience to wait for every layer of the paint to dry completely.

After you have all the materials, you're set! Before detailing the steps, I must say that before painting my own Pokeball, my kids suggested we use the Bubble top hole as the pokeball button, but after some considerations, we decided that we have to draw the pokeball button on one side of the bubble for estetic purposes and that's the reason you'll need extra patience drawing small circles.

The acrylic paints can be thinned with water, but a diluted paint can ruin your project, so try not to use water or just soak just the brush with some water. Try not to use water at all when painting the final step or you'll end up redoing the whole thing. This paint can be easily removed.

  1. Put the cap on the bottle to avoid introducing paint inside the bubble.
  2. Start with the Red paint first. Paint the whole half-top part with red (except the cap) and LET IT DRY WELL, rinse the brush.
  3. Paint almost all of the half-bottom of the bubble with White color. Remember that if you paint ALL of the half-bottom bubble, you won't be able to show off your pets! Leave the bottom and some part of the half-bottom part of the bubble unpainted!. LET IT DRY VERY VERY WELL!
  4. Again, let it dry! (got it?) rinse the brush Now the trickiest part
  5. Use the Black paint to draw a nickle-sized black spot at one side of the bubble. It has to be in the middle of the bubble, were the Red section meets the White section. Try to paint it at the other side of the unpainted White section. This is to mark the pokeball button. LET IT DRY VERY WELL!!
  6. Again, let it dry very well! (got it again?) rinse the brush
  7. Draw a smaller White circle inside the Black circle, this requires extra precision and perseverance, but dont worry if it doesnt look perfect. LET IT DRY!
Sarah wearing a Sea-Pendant Sarah (a closer look)
Move on, Mrs. Signorelli! Here comes the new Sea-Monkey 'Sea-Bubble' pendant model! My dear Sarah.

It is probable that you might end up redoing some parts, but it is ok, the paint can be washable during the process and after drying it well, it will last for a long time if you dont scratch its surfaces.

Unpainted area
Please leave an unpainted area to show off your pets!

After finnishing the project, your bubble will look more or less like mine, and you'll also end up with a lot of paint to make more pokeball projects.

I can assure you that you'll be a sensation if you wear it next time you go to the theathers!


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