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And the winner is...
We have a new lucky winner for April.

Remember the winner has 30 days to send us a SASE to claim the prize!

Register here for the May Give-A-Way!


(Not Claimed)

Didn't responded to our emails, wrong email? sorry! watch for 2 giveaways winners next month

Still the Best Buy!
The "Ocean of Light" kit was our choice of Amazon's Best Buy of 1999 and still the king of year 2000!

This kit includes an electric lighted cover, with the new "searchlit" dockable lamp and an extra packet of the much needed Plasma for only $6.99 !  If you search on the internet, this kit is sold at almost double this price!  This also puts to shame many overpriced Triop kits that come only with a simple container and a few triop eggs.

Sea-Monkey® Ocean of Light!
You can find the Ocean of Light for $6.99 by clicking HERE

(photo courtesy of ExploraToy website)
Discontinued Items from Transcience
The snap on color filters #55 are no longer available from Transcience.

They said they are not compatible with the new flip light aquarium cover combinations. #54 is no longer available as well
Thanks "daleroller" for sharing this info.

If you received confirmation from Transcience about a discontinued item, please let us know!
Catalog List
Last month I announced an Order Form I did in Excel format.  So you can download it, make your order and print it.  The form calculates the totals and current shipping prices.  This is certainly a little nifty utility to have.

I based the list on the latest two catalogs that Transcience sent me.  They honored the prices every time I ordered from them so I assume that they are still accepting orders with these prices.

However if you received the latest prices (please compare it to the prices given in the order form I prepared) I invite you to share the new list with us.

Meanwhile no complaints were received with the prices listed here.
Several items are now $1 more expensive. (Ex. Food was $2, now is $3)

Download this nice order form for Sea-Monkey® Parts & Supplies (done with Excel, only 5k!) by clicking HERE

(some of you may need to "right-click" over the link and select "Save As" to download this Zip file)

Q: Do Sea-Monkey® really change colors?
A: I noticed a lot of confusion and some misinformation about the 'new' ability of changing color that Sea-Monkeys® appear to have, and some controversial issues about the Red Magic Vitamins.

If you were a Sea-Monkey® owner in the 70's, I bet you'll understand the origins of this confusion. Back then, the Sea-Monkeys® had a pale color, mostly because their food was based on yeast and/or other flour. Sea-Monkeys® are by nature, a good example of "you are what you eat".
By the way, I know persons that have "smell" memories when I mention them Sea-Monkeys®, can't remember how they look, except for the humanoid cartoons, but they can remember the particular "smell" that the formulas had back then, when the food was just a "yellow" dust. I remember that the food also contained some water coloring ingredients, the water always had a perfect green color.

Because Sea-Monkeys® have transparent bodies, the colors you are actually seeing is the color of the particles they're feeding at, and the hemoglobin cells in their blood stream. In the 70's, the only food that seems to help promote the hemoglobin cells levels, and had a direct effect on the color of their bodies, was Red Magic (hence its name). It was the only algae-based food then.

Sea-Monkey® food ingredients moved from yeast to algae, now today's food have the same properties that Red Magic had in the 70's, so it is no surprise to me that many Sea-Monkeys® of the 90's had the ability to change to red "hues" of color. When they finally changed all food recipes to the more healthier "algae" ingredients, I noticed that by then, Transcience added an extra red hue to the Red Magic food, but nowadays, the food evolved and now it has the same color and texture as Super Food or Growth Food. The new packet has no more references to the ability to change Sea-Monkey® colors to a "red tone".

What other factors can make ALL of your Sea-Monkeys® to suddenly turn "red"? High concentration of salts in the water, direct exposure to sunlight (beware!), lack of oxygen in the water (caused by overfeeding and/or evaporation, that can be combined by several "stressfull" factors like lack of food on an overpopulated tank ...very rare to happen to you!).
Don't be alarmed!, it is very improbable that a "red" hue means something to be worried about in a Sea-Monkey® family!  They're usually associated with good health, but I like to mention that these other factors exists when breeding mass cultivation of Artemias.

So, Sea-Monkeys® really change colors and it is no longer associated with a particular Sea-Monkey® kit (as stated on the Ghostly Galleon box)

There's no coincidience that Sea-Monkeys® have a new ability to live for a long periods of time... A quality that they didnt have in the 60's... a quality given by a more healthy diet.  Hey, if it can work for Sea-Monkeys®, maybe we can also live longer if we too, stick to a healthy diet! ;)
And Im not talking about eating Sea-Monkey® food, but a daily dose of 'spirulina' algae appears to help a little! (hint, hint) ;)

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