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And the winner is...
We have a new lucky winner for February.

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The fuel of the future
WASHINGTON (AP) - Hydrogen may be an ideal fuel when the supply of oil and natural gas runs out, but the problem has been finding a way to produce it cheaply. Scientists now say the answer may be an ordinary pond scum. Green algae, a simple plant that grows all over the world, has the unique ability to convert water and sunlight into hydrogen gas, researchers said Monday at the national meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Now scientists have found a new way to force the algae to make hydrogen gas on demand, a process that could lead to an almost limitless supply of fuel that burns without pollution and produces only water as a waste product. Could we have in our Sea-Monkey® tanks the "fuel of the future"?  Sea-Monkey® ownership is certainly a scientific adventure.

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Use Aquarium sealant for fish tanks
For some strange reason, I was unable to find Aquarium Sealant in local stores to repair some Sea-Monkey® tanks and other projects I have in mind that involve Sea-Monkeys®.

If you need an Aquarium sealant too, dont listen to some "claims" of many salesmen that dont know anything about fish tanks and will try to sell you any other type of silicon sealant.  Most commonly found silicon sealants will leach chemicals into the fish tank water.

Remember to let the sealant "cure" for several days before adding water to the tank, and use it in an open environment.
Dow Corning Aquarium Sealant
Dow Corning Aquarium Sealant

Repairs leaky aquariums, or dampens vibration on shaky air pumps. Stays flexible, won't crack or shrink. Is harmless to fish and is a valuable asset to serious aquarium enthusiasts.
Q: After several weeks, some of my Sea-Monkey® died.
A: This is not "Last Month's FAQ" but I think it's necesary to answer, because I received this question several times during the last 4 years of my Sea-Monkey® web page.

Your Sea-Monkeys® are alive, so a "death" is expected to happen at any time with any animal.  The longevity of any living thing depends on the quality of its environment and nutrition, in the case of Sea-Monkeys® or any fish, they rely on the quality of their water and feeding habits. There are so many factors that can cause a "sudden death" to a Sea-Monkey® tank, only the "overfeeding" problem is the one we can list for sure.  Check your tank against this list to know if your Sea-Monkey® are prone to trouble.

  • If your tank is getting "cloudy", you're overfeeding them.  Remember that when we use the term "cloudy" it is *not* the same as "debris" or "particles", it is common to see floating "things", many of these particles and tiny "white balls" are their moulted shells.  You can have a "crystal clear" water, no matter the amount of debris in the tank, but a "cloudy" water is one that seems to be "milky" and doesnt look "clear" when you see thru the tank.
  • Remember that because of their size, these tanks can get cold or hot very easily, and that's why a constant temperature of no less than 70F/26C is recommended.  Keep away from extreme temperatures and from direct sunlight.  (They enjoy indirect sunlight... and they need it!)
  • If you use an Aqua-Leash or "Million Bubble" air pump, remember to rinse with bottled water those articles after using it, and wrap it in a papel towel or you may be adding some bacteria to their water if you dont have proper care of the things you insert to their formula.
  • Keep the Sea-Monkey® food very well closed and, if it is possible, out of a humid environment.
  • Ask to other members of your family to let you know if they're spraying some kind of insecticide or aroma near your Sea-Monkey® tank, you want to definitely move them to get some fresh air.

Because Sea-Monkeys® are suppose to grow to adulthood in four weeks and live 2 years, it is normal that everyone expect this same results.  As with any other hybrid species of animal, not *all* of the babies born will have this "hybrid" qualities.   "Normal" artemias usually takes longer and live shorter in this exact environment, so it is very common to have these "normal" creatures in every Sea-Monkey® kit.

It takes several weeks for your tank to balance the exact number of Sea-Monkeys® that can finally live for a long time.  Trying to "trick" nature by overfeeding your pets, is a risk you dont want to take.  Just keep the feedings to just once or twice a week (if you have MANY adults) using the small measure of the feeding spoon and dont worry about newborns, nature will select the ones that will reach maturity.

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