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And the winner is... | Artemia Salina -no longer exists! | Are those 1970's food the real thing? | FAQ: What to do if some water is spilled accidentally?

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And the winner is...
We are very sorry for last's month winner who failed to answer our emails, but we really want to give these kits away, so this month... we have 2 new lucky winners!!.

Remember the winner(s) have 30 days to send us a SASE to claim the prize!

Register here for the June Give-A-Way!

Congratulations to the happy winners!!
& (another@not.claimed)

Please send us a SASE as soon as possible!

Artemia Salina - no longer exists!
From time to time, I receive a request for more scientific info on Sea-Monkeys® so to please future visitors, here's some actualized data about Artemia.

Actual species of Artemias;

A. Franciscana America
A. Tunisiana Europe, Africa
A. Urmiana Iran
A. Monica Mono Lake, USA
A. Persimilis Argentina
A. Parthenogenetica Eurasia, Africa & Oceania
A. Sinensis China
A. NYOS Transcience USA

Notice that there's no more Artemia Salina species alive! So nowadays is not scientifically correct to name them as "Artemia Salina"

The Parthenogenetica are "females only" species, can give males on stressfull conditions. (I have a batch of eggs of this species)

Hope you found this info helpfull for your science projects!

PHYLUM Arthropoda
CLASS Crustacea
SUB-CLASS Branchiopoda
ORDER Anostraca
FAMILY Artemiidae
GENRE Artemia LEACH 1819
Are those 1970's food the real thing?
I can't deny that I had some doubts when I first saw some of these foods for sale in a web site and in some auctions, so I decided to prove to myself that those are the "real" thing.
I bought several 1970's packets and this is what I found.

(Note: Genuine Sea-Monkey® collectors may not want to see a 1970 food packet to be opened so watch it at your own risk, guess that I have Sea-Monkeys®  more for the scientific value than for the collection hobby ;)
Exhibit #1:  Oh, well, many of you are tired of seeing this already.  Let's move to Exhibit #2

But, I must say that the packet shows a good first sign of being a genuine item by the way it was sealed and the artwork.  This was the original artwork for Sea-Monkeys® in their first handbook.
1970's Growth Food front view
1970's Original Growth Food art.  Cute, isnt it?
Exhibit #2: When I opened this old-fashioned, stiff packet, a strong yeast odor came out (of course, not as 'sweet' as I remember, probably because 30 years have passed!... this is no 'fresh' yeast)

Notice that the card shows a different copyright than the food packet.  This is no surprise, as we can find some 1995 Growth Food packets in 1997,99 kits.

The strong yeast odor from this packet is a second good sign of a genuine 1970's food ingredient.

(c)1971 copyright
In the back of the card it had a Copyright from 1971 printed... but the food packet says its from 1970.

(c)1970 copyright
Here's several important info at the back of the packet;
"...Feed a few grains (about as much as the size of a match head) once or twice a week only.  If water turns cloudy, stop feeding until it clears up.  Use ONLY the special foods we have developed and nothing else..."
Seems like when they said 'feed only with Sea-Monkey® food', they really mean it! ;)   This also confirms the absence of the Feeding Spoon in earlier kits.  (Nowadays, it is very difficult for some people to understand how easy it is to accidentally overfeed them, by USING a measuring spoon, just imagine the hard time 1970's owners had without it!)
Exhibit #3: A test that I can't overlook!   I did this to prove that the original ingredient had a yellow coloring (because it was yeast based) and it helped the water to keep a strong green color by constantly adding more coloring to the formula.

This is a good third sign that we are dealing with a genuine product!

gf70w.jpg (7344 bytes)
By adding a drop of water to the right side, you'll instantly notice the "blue & yellow strings" coming from the food powder.  The formula always had a strong green color thanks to this color additive (this color crystals were eliminated from the new algae-based foods)

All of the 70's food had this properties (except Red-Magic), including the Sea-Medic.   I remember that some foods had different variations of these visibly undetectable color crystals.  Sea-Medic for example, contained purple crystals mixed with it yeast ingredient.  Some others contained different combinations.  I can't remember the exact details of the color combinations for all the food formulas, but I recall a larger amount of yellow crystals in the Banana Treat formula.
There's still some facts that I'll reserve for myself to detect a genuine Sea-Monkey® product.  The reason, I think its obvious, I dont want to educate a potential copycat!  But at least I can tell you for sure that the batch of sealed 1970 Sea-Monkey® Growth Food I bought are the 'real thing'.

By the way, as the curious person I am, I fed 2 tanks with this food, and I didnt lose any Sea-Monkeys®, but they reacted a little indiferent to the food at first.  A very big difference compared to when I feed them with Red Magic!  My Sea-Monkeys goes 'bananas' when they smell the sweeter odor of the new foods.

These packets are 'time-travellers' by themselves.  Just imagine the amount of American history these packets can tell.   They also survived many American families thru the time, the Brady Bunch, Al Bundy & Peg, The Simpsons....  and makes you wonder, what happened to these packets? Were they stored and lost in a forbidden corner of a big, closed warehouse?  The truth is out there.  And for now, Im still looking for sealed Sea-Monkey® kits with genuine 1970's artwork, I know some can be found in flea-markets in some parts of Latin America.

Q: What to do if some water is spilled accidentally?
A: To understand how the salts of the Sea-Monkey® formulas work, try to compare it with the way you mix orange juice powder with water.  You know that if you follow the container's instructions and use less water than suggested, you'll have a very concentrated juice.   You have to add more water until it reaches the proper amount of water.   If you add more water than suggested, you know you'll have a dilutted juice and in order to have a good taste, you have to add more powder.

Well, the same goes with the Sea-Monkey® formulas!  If you spill some of the formula accidentally, you can't just add more water! you'll dillute their formula and you will not know for sure how much "Plasma" powder to add to reach the exact amount of salt density needed to make them feel 'confortable'.

That's why I suggest to many visitors to buy at least one packet of Jumbo Living Plasma from Transcience.  It costs only $1 and you can prepare 1 quart of Sea-Monkey® formula with it.  You can use this mix to add more formula to their tank to replace the amount of water spilled.

Now, dont forget the 'orange juice' comparision, if the water gets naturally evaporated, the formula gets concentrated and it only needs bottled fresh water to fill it again... DO NOT USE the 'Jumbo Living Plasma' in this situation! You'll make their water highly concentrated!  Fortunately, this can't harm your Sea-Monkey® family, but new babies can't hatch in highly concentrated formulas.

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