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And the winner is... | New video at the Sea-Monkey® Cam section! | New Autoresponders e-mail addresses | Create Sea-Monkey® Virtual Cards | Sea-Monkey® owner sets a record | FAQ: Several methods to aereate the water; and a user invention to achieve the same

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And the winner is...
We have another two winners!

Remember the winner(s) have 30 days to send us a SASE to claim the prize!

Register here for the July Give-A-Way!

Congratulations to the happy winners!!

Please send us a SASE as soon as possible!

New video at the Sea-Monkey® cam
Sometimes it happens, you see three Sea-Monkeys struggling around the tank, and you may wonder "What can I do?".   Unfortunately... don't do anything!
You may hurt them more than the damage they can inflict themselves.
Just watch and hope that the battle finishes quickly!
Take a look at these real Sea-Monkey videos at:

Sea-Monkey® Cam section
and look for "That girl is mine" video.

New autoresponders e-mail addresses
I receive a lot of emails, but can't reply to 5% of them because of "Undelivered mail" error.  That means that many of you are entering a wrong email address.  This is a little strange because a good percentage of my visitors use Internet Explorer and it is very improbable to enter a wrong email address using its "autocomplete" feature (meaning that you are entering wrong email addresses on other web sites!).
If you enter a request or contest participation in the web page and didn't receive a confirmation within a few minutes, bet you entered a wrong email address (usually a letter is missing from the address!)

Another feature that I implemented is the autoresponder email for Transcience's Part & Supplies price list and shipping costs.  Try this one now!


    • This is the email used to receive request from the web page.  If you don't receive an autoresponse in a few minutes after sending the request, you entered a wrong email address!

    • Try this! this will send you the actual price and shipping costs for Transcience's Parts & Supplies list.  It will be updated as soon as I receive official feedback or the latest catalog.  If you dont have the manual, this is a must before making an order.  Look at my "Historic Catalog" section for more info about a particular item.

    • This is the new address you must include in your Address Book if you want to write me about Sea-Monkeys®.  I'll give a higher priority to emails that arrives at this email address.  This will ensure that your email is not lost between those "spamming" emails I receive and fight back everyday!
Create Sea-Monkey® Virtual Cards
Finally a Sea-Monkey® only virtual cards creator.  I announced it last month when it was in a "test" stage, but now it is officially hosted at a permanent URL address.

The plans I have for this site are to update the graphics from time to time with season's themes (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) so if you are a good Sea-Monkey cartoonist, you may want to share your artwork with us and give yourself some credits in the graphics (like your email address embeded in the graphics)

Let me know what you think of it!

Send a Sea-Monkey® Virtual Card to someone you really care!
Sea-Monkey® owner set a record
On June 11, 2000 wrote:

Did I set the record at keeping sea monkeys? I've had them for 1 year, 3 months and 5 days.

That is a good question, and may encourage us to make a list of users that are good Sea-Monkey® breeders and their  unknown secrets!

Its all resumed in a good water quality, proper feeding and room temperature, but it can help to know the "exact" procedures they take to achieve this results!

We want to know how long you're able to maintain your Sea-Monkey® family.

Send an email to
and write "RECORD" in the Subject line.
Let us know when you started breeding Sea-Monkey®, and if possible, the kit & store you bought it, bottled water brand, the location were you keep them (room, kitchen, lobby, etc.) and average room temperature.

Maybe these stats will amaze us all!

Q: The new manual says that it is important to aereate the water during the first week... I think they're too 'tender' during this period... What if I dont have the "Million Air Pump"?, do you know any other safer method to aereate the water?
A: The new manual is always right (trust the source ;-), there's a good chance to have a higher survival rate if you aereate the water daily, during this crucial first week.  It has two purpouses, to oxygenate the water for this babies and to 'keep moving around' food particles.

Did you notice how babies Sea-Monkeys® form groups near a corner or in the top of the tank?  With aereation, you can help them obtain the oxygen and food particles they need in this stage of life when they dont know to do anything better than looking at the light all the time.

One good "old but classic" method of aereating the Sea-Monkey water, is to pour all the formula (with the Sea-Monkeys® inside) back and forth to another (clean) container, about ten times from a height of six inches (as stated in the instructions at the back of the Jumbo Living Plasma packet).  Nowadays, there's a tendency to add mechanical artifacts to aquarium tanks that creates artificial "waves" to the aquarium water, knowing that in order to "emulate" a natural habitat, there's a need to recreate water currents.   With that in mind and knowing that Sea-Monkeys are excellent "againts-the-current" swimmers, you dont need to worry about thinking that you'll hurt your Sea-Monkeys using this method, they'll love the ride.

There's a less "messy" (less funnier?) method, using the "Million Air Pump".  This will add "millions" of tiny air bubbles to their water in less time, with less effort.  You must be carefull to rinse this artifact with fresh bottled water after each use and wrap it with a paper towel in order to protect it from getting bacterias.  Remember you'll be using this again!   I tried to wash several "Million Air Pump" with hot water, but the "stone" breaks up, so its better not to let it get dirty!

Finally, there's several people asking me if they can try "blowing" air into their water with a straw.... DON'T!  Remember what you learned in your science class, that you don't exhale "oxygen"!  Maybe "stirring" the water with a straw can help to mix some oxygen into their water, but it is not enough.

Unless, you came up with an idea like this, look at this email sent by which I want to share with you:
"I got a zip lock bag, then I cut a little hole in one of the bottom corner then I insert a straw through it.  Then I opened the bag so some oxygen got in, after that I closed the bag and squezzed it carefully some bubbles went out..."

Seems to me like a good "workaround" and I would like to see a photo of this interesting artifact!  A good implementation for this idea would be to found a way to "break" those bubbles into a smaller bubbles, maybe closing the other end of the straw and perforating the bottom sides with a needle.  What do you think?

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