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This month's winner | Some problems that arise while raising Sea-Monkeys this season | Alien forces behind the disappearing food case? | New enhancements to the Sea-Monkey site | Congratulations to these breeders with a 3 year old tank! | The minds behind the Ghostly Galleon idea and other new kits | FAQ: My kid swallowed some of the formula!

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This month's winner


Remember the winner(s) have 30 days to send us a SASE to claim the prize!

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Congratulations to:

and to the Magic Castle winner!

(This item appears to be undelivered as shown in the tracking page! please write to me as soon as possible!)


Some problems raising Sea-Monkeys on this season

Im receiving email from breeders that are experiencing problems with Sea-Monkeys lately.

Problems like, Sea-Monkeys not hatching on time, Sea-Monkeys that refuse to mate or Sea-Monkeys that are not growing, etc.

As a matter of fact, I can say for sure that the new 2000 formulas (stamped with a "CE" logo on the back) works extremelly well and I had wonderfull results with the amount of Sea-Monkeys that hatch and grow with these new kits.

These problems are caused mostly by the cool temperatures during this season.

Sea-Monkeys need a constant temperature of over 72F to live happy.

So, it is very probable that if you're experiencing difficulties with your Sea-Monkey familiy, you can solve it by moving your tank away from cold places.


Looking at older newsletter issues, notice that the Sea-Monkey Uncle always suggests to place the Sea-Monkey tank near a constant 4 or 7 watts (night light) light bulb (not TOO close!) to keep the tank warm and well illuminated

Alien forces behind the disappearing food case?

My site receives a lot of request for Sea-Monkey parts & supplies. But during the past few months these requests were followed by very weird stories about mishaps with the food packets.

Nobody knows for sure where their food packets went or if it was abducted by some alien forces. All they know is that they need a second food packet fast!

The Uncle was in conversation with Mr. Atamian (he's the President of Exploratoy's Sea-Monkey division) to conduct an intergalactic investigation and it is very probable that Mr. Atamian creates an online Parts & Supplies resource center so you can order more Sea-Monkey food & supplies faster... and that's good news for all of us.

(The Uncle is trying to have a Sea-Monkey supply center too!)

Meanwhile, if you're serious about your pet Sea-Monkey, dont wait until your food packet is lost or almost finished to order more!


You can get an autoresponder email with the catalog list and shipping prices by sending a blank email to

My own copy of the new catalog is about to arrive anytime, keep watching these news!

New enhancements to the Sea-Monkey site!

If you haven't visited the Sea-Monkey site for a while, please come and use our new set of online tools

The first online tool is a Sea-Monkey Planner. It consists of a CGI web application that creates a personal time table for new breeders.

This is helping new breeders to plan the Sea-Monkey families in a more efficient manner by following the days and steps described in the table for Food and Plasma dosis during the first month.

To make this online help very simple to use, the only thing needed to make it work is just to visit the web page. Because of the way the web works, you must remember to hit the 'Refresh' or 'Reload' button in your browser every time you visit the page to generate a new time table.

The second utility is a new SEARCH utility in our site. By using this search, you're probably obtaining the answers for your questions quicker than waiting for me to answer the now huge amount of Sea-Monkey emails I receive daily.

Another plus of using this search system is that I can make statistics of the most searchable keyword so I can re-create some parts of the site to handle the search results in a more efficient manner.

Ready to generate your own time table? Visit here:


Remember that the planner will generate a time table for those with new kits and who are about to add the very first packet of Water Purifier.


To take a look at the new Search utility, enter you search keywords here:

powered by FreeFind


Congratulations to these breeders with a 3 year old tank

Remember in our past newsletters we encouraged you to write to us with your Sea-Monkey experiences? Well, Mrs. Debbie and her son just wanted to share their own experiences with Sea-Monkeys, and here's the email from;

"We keep our 3 year old monkeys on the TV in the living room. They are in the kit with the boat. And I feed them every Thursday and stir them. I just use Giant brand distilled water when I need to. Do you realize how long it takes to use 1 gallon of water at a tablespoon every month!?"

Debbie and son Kevin

Congratulations to Mrs. Debbie and Kevin and thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Notice that Mrs. Debbie feeds and stirs the water once weekly, she also has them near a warm place (TV) this must give you a good hint.

The minds behind the Ghostly Galleon idea and other new kits.

If you notice the kit described in the last column was a Ghostly Galleon kit.

The Ghostly Galleon originated from a suggestion by Mr. Burt Cutler (Chairman of the Board of Educational Insights) to Mr. Harold Braunhut.

The Aquarium Watch, The PenQuarium and The Sea Monkey Explor-A-Sub are just three of the products Mr. George Atamian (VP/GM of ExploraToy for the last 6 years) brought to the Sea-Monkey line, with Mr. von Braunhut's approval and assistance.

Way to go, Mr. Atamian and thanks for supplying this terrific info to us (can't wait to hear more about the Explor-A-Sub!).

The Ghostly Galleon is one of those first kits that answered the long cry of having some kind of decoration other than Sea-Diamonds in a Sea-Monkey tank, and that also includes important Sea-Monkey extra parts & supplies that ensure a great Sea-Monkey breeding experience.



Amazon added the Ghostly Galleon to their Sea-Monkey line, and as always, they priced it right. You can find it by clicking the image below.


Q: My kid swallowed some of the formula!

First of all, Im no doctor, so this answer is in no way a definitive guide of what to do if this happens to you (I also can't take advice from my local Sea-Monkey doctor in my tank for these cases).

But I can say that the sodium concentration in the formulas may cause only a visit to the bathroom at worse. The harm to your organism (if any) is NOTHING compared to the huge amount of sodium you or your kids ingest everyday, when eating snacks or drinking soda! Sea-Monkey formulas are non-toxic & kids-safe, except maybe for the Sea-Medic formula, but as with any 'medicine', it has to be kept out of reach from little kids.

However, take into consideration that a piece of 'pizza' is also 'non-toxic' (!) but can send a 'cheese' or 'tomato sauce' allergic person to a doctor, so this answer is more like 'What is your kid allergic to?'.

If your family can enjoy a trip to the beach without any allergic reaction (except for an overexposure to the sun! always use sun-block!) it is probable that a taste of the Sea-Monkey formulas can only make them thirsty (assuming it was just a bit and not the whole tank!)

Final advice? in case of any doubts, visit your doctor! (a human doctor, that is ;)


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