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And the winner is...
We have a new lucky winner for January.

Remember the winner has 30 days to send us a SASE to claim the prize!

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Please send us a SASE as soon as possible!

New FREE Sea-Monkey« Windows« Game brings you this free level of a new Sea-Monkey« Windows« game to celebrate the launch of the new NASA Space Shuttle tank and the 40 birthday of Sea-Monkey«

Your mission: Hatch as many babies as you can and desintegrate toxic debris from the water. For this, your 'Aqua-Ship' is equipped with a 'PurifiTron' weapon.

Get your thumbs ready as this game is action packed!

main screen


File: ilifegam.exe 1.04 meg

Minimum requirements:
Windows 95 / Pentium_166 / 8 megs RAM / 3 Megs HD

Latest DirectX drivers are suggested for fastest / fullscreen gameplay.

Read instructions.

(Get this 100k  patch file instead if you downloaded the game before 30 January 2000)

Q: Any ideas for a Sea-Monkey« Science Project?
A: You can obtain many ideas from the Sea-Monkey« handbook included in some kits.  If your kit doesnt came with the handbook, you can get it by writing to Transcience.  It costs $2 (+ .75 cents shipping).  For more info about the item number and Transcience's address, please visit The Sea-Monkey« Page.
Most of these project requires adult Sea-Monkeys« so keep in mind that you need several weeks for preparation.  One kit is usually enough but to be on the safe side, get at least two sets of Sea-Monkey packets.  For a late start, I recommend to follow the second and/or fourth suggestion in this list.
  1. My favorite theme is; the balanced eco-system.  Set aside a Sea-Monkey Micro-View tank or other container, with used Sea-Monkey formula (without Sea-Monkeys) in semi-direct sunlight (avoid overexposure to heat) for several weeks until natural algae develops.  It is possible that you might need some help by using a very small portion of algae-promotion products if you want to accellerate the process.  When the water start to turn green or with visible algae deposits in the bottom, I suggest you to transfer only up to 4 pairs of Sea-Monkeys (male and female) or some newborn babies from a pregnant female is better.  Use only less than a dozen of Sea-Monkeys.  In this ecosystem, you'll never have to feed them again! (long days without sunlight, maybe because of a rainy week, may cause algae loss, so be prepared with a plant light to help you on these days.)  You can buy algae online from my friend Paul Sachs.   Search for his address on my link page.
  2. The act of making a dried-out Sea-Monkey eggs to hatch is a good theme by itself.   You can make a project about the diapause or cryptobiosis process and make a real-time demonstration of the hatching process.  Make sure that 24-30 hours before the demonstration, you prepare the water using Water Purifier (packet#1).
  3. The "Meiotic Parthenogenesis" process of the females is a good theme to discuss.  The biological marvel that allows the females to fertilize themselves without a male.  This project is best developed if you spot several young females from your tank and set them aside in another container and take note about the progress.  Give them "Gro-Kwikly" weekly to accellerate the process.   You should pay special attention to their egg-sacs and the development of brown "dots" (these are the eggs).  After several days you should see either live babies or floating eggs.
  4. The phototactic, or "responsive to lightwaves" behaviour of Sea-Monkeys« can be easily demostrated if you want this as your project theme.  Be sure to carefully cover the tank with a dark cloth (and more careful when you remove it!) at least one hour before the demostration (in case you cant turn off all the lights).   Demostrate the Sea-Monkey tendency to 'look' at the light, no matter where it comes from (maybe by turning the tank to the other side).  Sea-Monkey babies are the most sensitive as you can see them crowding together in their attempt to "reach" the light.  If you happen to have only adults Sea-Monkeys«, I suggest you place them in a container with a clear bottom, so you can put a light below the tank and make them swim upside down.
  5. Another 'easy-to-demostrate' in a science fair is the strange behaviour of some animals, like the salmon, trout or Sea-Monkeys« to always swim against the current.   Because water currents and pressure can be controlled by man, you can have both a good grade and fun in your science fair by obtaining a Sea-Monkey« Racing Game aqua-track and give a "live performance" of your pets.
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