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This month's winner


REMEMBER this 25th we will be giving away a MAGIC CASTLE (1st prize) and a VINTAGE 1971 Sea-Monkey GROWTH FOOD (2nd prize)!


Congratulations to:

We will choose the next winner on December 25th! Keep on participating!


Little Things that Helps a Lot

One of the reasons I write this newsletter is that I know that given my vast experience with Sea-Monkeys, some little 'facts' that I already know and maybe I take for granted, are really helpfull to the new breeder and are those little things that makes the difference.

I'll write another 'Little Things that Helps a Lot" article every time I realize Im doing one of those 'little things' or when you, submit your own and share it with us!

One of those LTHL I do is to cover some Micro-View or other containers with a paper cover or paper towel and lock them in place with a rubber band. I dont know why I havent suggested this earlier, but this 'simple' task may help your Sea-Monkeys a lot, as many problem are caused by dirt & spray particles and/or smoke.



Cover it!

A simple cut-out paper towel and a rubber band can save your pets from air pollution!

Better than leaving it uncovered.

A New Triops Network

You all know that I have a "fair" comparison between raising Triops and Sea-Monkeys on the main website, giving the Sea-Monkeys ownership a good grade, but for your surprise, this comparison encouraged some visitors to get Triops to try on their own.

They wanted to 'see for themselves' what is Triops all about.

While the vast majority of my visitors agree that raising Sea-Monkeys is cooler than raising Triops, some others asked me if it is "ok" to raise them and wanted suggestions.

First, yes, no problem, it is "ok" to raise Triops.

The comparition I wrote in the web page was as an answer to many criticisms I found over the net, trying to make fun of Sea-Monkeys because Triops grow 'faster and bigger' (and I add, a GROSS experience). This 'gross' factor of the Triops, is in fact, a 'cool' factor for kids.

I decided to create a Triops Network Club, I need several Triops & Sea-Monkey 'amateur scientists' to help me develop a real Triops community. This may help us to separate the myths from the facts about raising Sea-Monkeys and Triops, as I noticed in many supposed Sea-Monkey sites, many procedures and biological facts that are Triops-related.

Seems like the authors are more biased to the Triops breeding and confuse some facts about them with Sea-Monkey ownership.

Yes, they're very related but things like their feeding habits and lifestyles are very different.

I also found out that a Triop looks better in a Micro-View rather than 'cheap' plastic tanks that come with some Triops kits, I will prepare some instructions to raise Triops using Sea-Monkey supplies to raise them in a cleaner and nicer environment.

I have a new email for triops related questions, at

Please write with your own ideas and findings. As a final word for all of you that worried about the future of this Sea-Monkey page, all I have to say is "SEA-MONKEY RULES FOREVER!"

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Share your Triops experiments and findings with the rest of the world!

For Triops related questions, you can reach me at



I didnt display a Triops photo in this space to avoid faintings!


Q: About the Space Shuttle...

One of the most expected kits was the Space Shuttle. It looks great in any room or office, has a built-in lamp and aereation system.

The "light system" consists of a red led. This creates a weird environment rather than showing off your pets. The tank will also accept covers from the Galleon and Ocean of Light kits so you may interchange those covers with the Space Shuttle if you want a stronger white light source.

Looks great at night!

The 'aereation' system consist of an horizontal stick with several mini-holes that conects to the very top of the Space Shuttle black tip.

Pump it up!

A closer look at this (taking the black nose off, something that may void the guarantee if you try it at home!) a mini Aqua-Leash is doing the aereation job.

I thought this is something worth mentioning because:

  1. The Space Shuttle doesnt address the correct way to use the built in aereation system.
  2. It is probable you may be thinking that 'squeezing' the nose is the right way to aereate the water, but the correct method to aereate the water is to pump the nose up and down. The mini aqua-leash under the nose needs to 'breath' using the tiny hole at the top, just as the bigger Aqua-Leash.
Don't squeeze it, Pump it!

This aereation system is just a 'basic' version of the 'Million Bubble' Air Pump, so if you happen to have one of those pumps, you can still use it in your Space Shuttle kit.

However, given the fact that the aereation system is 'built-in', I found myself aereating the Space Shuttle more often than other tanks, so, the aereation system of this kit serves its purpose.

Finally, we, Sea-Monkey owners have the tendency to look for a light source in front of us (behind the tank) to look at a Sea-Monkey tank, but this tank requires you to have a good light source behind you (in front of the tank) to appreciate the view (the same as the new and cool Sea-Monkey on Mars kit).


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