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This month's winner and how do I choose them... | Our thanks to a special person | New FREE screensaver | Do colors and sounds have some effects on Sea-Monkeys®? | Blowing a Castle | Vintage Sea-Monkey Item Give-A-Way | FAQ: Does the water last for two years? (must read)

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This month's winner and how do I choose them...
We have another lucky winner!   This winner claimed the prize and it was already sent.  This was the fastest prize claim I processed.

Register here for the August Give-A-Way!  This month we have TWO prizes! Keep reading.

Robin Schuran asked about how I choose the winner.

I receive the participations in a dedicated contest folder in my mail program, at the end of the month I take all participations and converted them as files and a number is automatically assigned and the files are saved into a normal windows folder.  I then ask my little boy to choose either a number or a file from the folder.  After the selection, I double click the file to send reply to the lucky winner. ;)

(By the way, Robin is 14, and he strongly suggests the game Sea-Man for the Sega DreamCast console... the reviewers compared the game to having a virtual pet Sea-Monkey)

Congratulations to the happy winner!!

Our thanks to a special person
Susie Metzler is the name of the person who donate to the Sea-Monkey Owners Page a 1967 "Magic Sea-Monkeys®" set, for the joy of all of our visitors and newsletter subscribers.

Thanks to this, we will soon have an updated "historic catalog" page with forgotten items to be added and some items to be revisited.

With the inclusion of this and other personal collections, "never-seen-before" on other web pages, I will be more than motivated to write the long-awaited "museum" page (posibly to be renamed as 'The Time Capsule')

You will enjoy these new info and photos, thanks again to Susie for bringing us a good piece of nostalgia.

Did you know that there was only ONE product in the 1967 that was used as the equivalent of Cupid's Arrow, Red Magic & Gro-Kwikly all-in-one product?  Do you want to know the name of this mega formula? (No, not Diddi Seven please)

At that time, the manual mentioned that they didn't know exactly why "this" special food, had all these qualities.  You know that they eventually separated specific ingredients, maybe in the form of proteins, vitamins, carotenoids, etc. into three different food formulas.  With this discovery, they not only showed to the world that they had been taking Sea-Monkeys seriously (something generating so much money ought to be taken seriously, right?), but this also was a very significative step in the artemia scientific research.
Of course, by selling these three different products they also created new "needs" for breeders, a smart marketing strategy.

New FREE screensaver
While waiting for something to happen regarding the delayed Sea-Monkey kits, I gave some finishing touches to an Artemia Screensaver and posted it on the web site.

The screensaver shows a few artemias swimming around your screen, but if you install a second file, 'The Artemia Feeder' a virtual pet feature of the screensaver will be enabled.

If you want to read more about the screensaver and the virtual pet feature, click Here.

You'll find that if you feed your real pets every 3 or 4 days, you can use this screensaver as a good reminder too.

As always, please leave me feedback about this program.  :)

The addresses for these files are:

The Artemia Lake Screensaver v1.0   (aprox. 485k)

The Artemia Feeder - Front End v1.0   (aprox. 325k)

The screensaver installation requires a registration code, you can obtain it by sending a blank email to:

As with ANY software you download, no matter if you downloaded it from a "trustfull" source, run your favorite antivirus software on the downloaded files.


Do colors and sounds have some effects on Sea-Monkeys?
Last month I received letters from people asking me that if the color of the environment and sound has some effects on Sea-Monkeys, and if their questions sounded silly... well, far from silly.
I was working on this theory some time ago while experimenting with several Ocean-Zoos.
I found that some companies are conducting studies about this phenomena about  the effect of color environment on Artemia.  So now we can rest assured that our 'theories' have a valid scientific value. I believe that the same happens with sound waves, but that is something I didnt 'hear' before, but those theories can't be discarded if you have an open mind
In my own reasearch, I found good results with green containers or filters.

The neon Ocean Zoo tank has these particular properties that practically enhance any light source and distribute the light waves all around the tank.  This makes Sea-Monkeys more frisky and these tanks are more prone to encourage algae growth.

To be sincere, I prefer to suggest a "clear" Ocean Zoo to a new Sea-Monkey breeder, maybe because I feel more confortable watching them hatch in a clear Micro-View, but if you are thinking about a second container, give this one a try, but make sure to give it a constant light source (away from heat!) and you'll see what Im talking about.

Kits that contains this neon tank are the Ocean of Wonder  and Ocean of Fun.

These tanks work great if placed near a constant light or bright places (watching that the container doesn't get warm, of course!)
Blowing a Castle
A user just wrote and wanted to know how to aereate their Castle using the Aqua-Leash.  He's concerned about the "big" bubbles the Aqua-Leash creates.

First, you have to grab the castle with one hand, and with the other hand put the Aqua-Leash all the way down inside the pink castle until it collides with the base floor of the Castle.  While pressing the Aqua-Leash very firmly against the floor, press the Aqua-Leash very slowly, and notice that the bubbles will break into a smaller bubbles.

If you dont firmly grab the Castle tank with your hand, you can shoot your tank to the wall with the pressure  you're creating with the hand that has the Aqua-Leash!

It can help if you poke a little hole in the middle top of the Aqua-Leash so you dont have to take it out of the tank to fill it with more air.  Of course, this can ruin your Aqua-Leash from been used as a "Leash", but if you plan to "trap" Sea-Monkeys to put them on an aqua-track or aquarium-watch, these kits comes with Aqua-Leashes already.

I can't believe Amazon is giving these Castles for $4.95 each at this writing.  Take a look and see if you're still in luck and obtain one at that price before I buy them all ;)
Vintage Sea-Monkey Item Give-A-Way
Next month (September) I'll be conducting a "Back to School" give-a-way.

First prize is the basic Sea-Monkey starter set of packets #1, #2 and #3, and as a Second prize, I'll be giving a genuine 1970 Growth-Food packet on a 1971 blister card.  The graphics are groovy.  Baby boomers love this artwork, right? Because I do! ;)

You're automatically participating for these prizes when you enter your participation this month.

Please remember that you must provide a SASE to send the prizes, Thanks!


1971 Growth Food

Just touching these articles is like travelling in a time capsule at high speed!
Don't feed your pets with this!!!

Q: Does the water last for two years? (must read)
Believe it or not, I still receive many letters asking me how to change their Sea-Monkey® water... You know that this is already explained in the web site and in one of the newsletter editions, but our visitor's 'Quest for knowledge' is still unfulfilled.

Sea-Monkeys® need to obtain oxygen and fresh minerals from their water, but there's a tendency to believe that their water needs to be replaced very often.  The mere act of bringing them more fresh bottled water after evaporation, adds new minerals to their water.

Sea-Monkeys are very confortable with the water they're born in and raised, and naturally they keep their surroundings clean from excess food.  That's why I stress the rule about feeding them once or twice a week ONLY to avoid bacteria growth.  Sea-Monkeys are not selective when feeding, so you have to watch for the quality of their water.

It is very probable that if you never overfeed them, you will never have major sickness problems and wont have to wash their tank very often, except, for example, bacteria that spreads in the water because of dirty utencils you put in it (dirty Aqua-Leashes, Million-Bubble Air Pumps, etc.) or polluted air or dust particles flying in the surroundings (Insecticide or Aromatic sprays, cigarrete smoke, etc.) or who knows, you just forgot my advice and used soap to wash the tank!

Susan Barclay reported last month (thanks! :), regarding the 'longevity' of Sea-Monkeys discussed in our last edition, that her friends managed to maintain a 1 year old tank, until they decided to move them to another bigger tank, using Jumbo Living Plasma, and the Sea-Monkeys just didnt make it.

Jumbo Living Plasma fault? not a chance, they just dont like environments other than the one they were born in.  This is very odd, because they're very "hardy" animals, they can tolerate extreme temperatures, extreme salt concentration changes, can survive human handling when playing racing games or when bringing them for a walk in a   portable watch, etc.  but they are not that hardy when moved to another house.

What can you do then? dont throw out ALL of the "old" water!.
When you buy a new fish for your home or office fish tank, you know that you must let the bag float over the tank water for several minutes until both waters reach the same temperature.  Then you have to open the bag and gradually "mix" both waters until your fish gets confortable.  Well, it seems like Sea-Monkey is no exception! You must "change" their water gradually.

From time to time (that means, maybe every month or more, if your tank doesnt have overfeeding problems) if you really want to get rid from the debris found at the bottom, just empty the contents from the tank to a clean container, carefully , so as to leave only a small amount of water on the bottom (where all the sedimentation is found), clean the tank with some distilled water (be sure to throw out the wash water), then empty the formula in the clean tank. The amount of formula that you threw out with the sediments can be replaced with some prepared "Jumbo Living Plasma".  Or you may try using your Aqua-Leash and suck the debris from the bottom of the tank, and again, replacing the water you threw out with some prepared Jumbo Living Plasma.

If you are doing this "cleaning" job because you accidentally overfed them, after changing their water, a little pinch of Sea-Medic medicine can help to eliminate some bacterias and help to chemically balance their water.

That means, that you need, tools and extra supplies, in the form of an Aqua-Leash, a packet of Jumbo Living Plasma, already prepared in a 1 quart mason jar or equivalent container, and a Sea-Medic just in case.

To maintain a good and healthy environment, Sea-Monkey tanks need a very good illumination and to be out of cold places.
To maintain a good and healthy environment, Sea-Monkey tanks need a very good illumination and to be out of cold places.

No, not a misprint, many of you know that this is an important factor that I also stress in my emails.

Do you know that a high percentage of problems reported like "my Sea-Monkeys are swimming slow and appear to be dying" and "my Sea-Monkeys didnt hatch" are solved with my old-time favorite suggestion...
"Keep the container near (BUT NOT SO CLOSE!) a 4 to 15 watts night light, day and night, untouched for 2 or 3 days"

A very good percentage of users with these problems, write back to tell me that it worked for them,... Sea-Monkeys swim friskier, water is more clear and lazy babies started to hatch.  Actually there's a chemical reaction inside the egg that needs light to help the hatching process.

I have 3 ocean zoos with strong algae growth thanks to this constant illumination method.  You can imagine how happy these Sea-Monkeys are.  Adult Sea-Monkeys can actually feed from the algae, but I still have to feed them regularly because the algae that usually grows in their water is not easy for the babies to 'harvest'.

If you still think that your Sea-Monkeys are doing their dissapearing act and they are showing no sign that "things are going well" in their tank, you can try, at your own risk, my ultimate remedy.  When cleaning the tank, instead of just leaving a small amount of water of the bottom, leave the exact bottom half of the tank water and throw it out (be sure there's no Sea-Monkeys left please!)   Wash the tank with hot water and rinse with fresh bottled water, let it cool, pour an entire packet of Plasma 3 into the tank with 6 ounces of fresh bottled water (notice how I stress the use of 'bottled water' too?) and replace the other half with the old water and  the Sea-Monkeys, then, set aside the tank in a well iluminated area (near a night light, 4 to 15 watts) day and night for 2 or 3 days (remember, the method I just explained?)

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