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And the winner is...
We have a new lucky winner for March.

Remember the winner has 30 days to send us a SASE to claim the prize!

Register here for the April Give-A-Way!


Please send us a SASE as soon as possible!

Announcing TWO new clubs
Maybe you had a question that I already answered via email, but there's a list of "same questions" that deserve to be discussed on a public forum
I also created these two clubs as a response for the closing of one of the most succesfull Sea-Monkey« forums, the Sea-Monkey« Appreciation Society.  I appreciate the great job done by Aqua-Boy in the time he maintained the forum.  I also understand that maintaining a forum its not an easy task, and that's why I will use some help from several Sea-Monkey« experts out there to watch for the quality of these new forums.

What is exactly the "thing" to watch to ensure the quality and keep it as an elite forum? The little "R"... yes, the little "R" after the Sea-Monkey« name.  That little letter inside a circle means that we have to make sure that EVERYTHING discussed on the forum will be filtered using Transcience's rules for procedures, formulas, parts & supplies (including ExploraToy kits).

For those with a scientific heart that have other home grown ideas other that the one's stipulated in the Sea-Monkey« manual, you are invited to join the "Brine Shrimp Pets" Club too, where those "decorating the tank with beads" and "coloring the artemias" posts are welcome.

As you may notice, Sea-Monkeys« is more than just a bunch of Artemia NYOS cysts in a sachet, its about the idea of transforming these adorable animals from fish food, into real pets, by creating formulas to keep them alive under conditions found in the average home.  This process is backed by years of scientific research, constant developing of new products, and a carefully planned marketing.  That  is what Sea-Monkeys« is all about, and that's the big meaning of that little "R"... means 40 years of constant hard work, and they deserve respect for that.

I hope you enjoy these new clubs, we just have to use common sense and follow those simple guidelines to keep the forum alive for long time!

Join Us Now!
Announcing FIVE new kits
Not one, not two, not even three or four, but FIVE new Sea-Monkey« kits will be out there very soon! Isn't life wonderful? ;-)

Now you can carry your favorite pets in two new portable aquariums! A real aquarium-pen (do not confuse with the port-a-pet, you can actually write with this!) and a pocket electronic maze game!

The Sea-Monkey« Racing games will finally hit the toy stores.  This was one of those articles that you can only obtain by ordering directly to Transcience.  Now thanks to ExploraToy, this amazing racetracks will see the light of cybershopping as soon as they are available on online stores!

If you like the Magic-Castle, you'll want to have the new "Mars" tank. Its a "Castle-look-alike" tank with a space theme.

And talking about space, I think this will be the toy of the year 2000, the amazing Space Shuttle tank.  To commemorate this tank, I did a "Windows«" game (1.02meg), posted on my web page. Or download it here.

These kits will be available soon!

You can see more pics and info in the Sea-Monkey« Central web site.

These kits will be available soon! We will inform when and where these kits are available, to our newsletter subscribers.

If you're not subscribed to the newsletter, now its the perfect time to join, by entering your e-mail in the form below the FAQ section.
Order Form for Parts & Supplies
Many people still ask me for a list of Sea-Monkey« parts & supplies.  The only thing I can be able to do to help is to give them Transcience's address,  the current price and shipping charges for the items they wanted.

I sat down in front of my computer for a while, and created this nice worksheet of Sea-Monkey« Parts & Supplies list in Excel Spreadsheet format.   You may find this template very usefull, as I put several formulas to keep track of totals and automatically calculate the actual shipping charges!

This order form will be available only from my site, and without Macros.  If you found this list on another site and/or with Macros, please report it to me.

Keep in mind that I dont work for Transcience, and this is NOT an "official" order form.  I just did it as a public service for the thousands of visitors of my Sea-Monkey« site.  You may want to check the list as a regular basis, to verify that you have the most recent updated list.

If you just want to start a new Sea-Monkey« family, I suggest to look for Sea-Monkey« kits on the internet by clicking HERE.   Sea-Monkey« KITS are usually CHEAPER on the internet.

What are you waiting for? Download this nice order form for Sea-Monkey« Parts & Supplies (done with Excel, only 5k!) by clicking HERE

(some of you may need to "right-click" over the link and select "Save As" to download this Zip file)

Q: How I can clean my Sea-Monkey« tank?
A: This is done by empting the contents from the tank to a clean container, carefully , so as to leave only a small amount of water on the bottom (where all the sedimentation is found), clean the tank with some distilled water (be sure to throw out the wash water), then empty the formula in the clean tank. The amount of formula that you threw out with the sediments can be replaced with some prepared "Jumbo Living Plasma". You could also prepare a small packet of Plasma, but this only makes 6 ozs. of formula.

This is the same instructions I give in my web page.  Anyways, it was last month's FAQ! :-)

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