Sea-Monkey® News for Year 2000

Every Issue must reveal last month's winner

  • New free Sea-Monkey® Windows® game
  • FAQ: Ideas for a science project
  • The fuel of the future
  • The aquarium sealant
  • FAQ: Some of my Sea-Monkeys® are dying
  • Announcing two new clubs!
  • Announcing five new kits!
  • New order form for Parts & Supplies!
  • FAQ: How to clean my tank
  • Best Buy!
  • Discontinued items from Transcience
  • Catalog List updates
  • FAQ: Do Sea-Monkeys really change colors?
  • We have 2 winners for the giveaways!
  • Their scientific classification... Artemia Salina no longer exists!
  • Are those 1970's food the real thing?
  • FAQ: What to do if some water is spilled accidentally?
  • 2 winners again!
  • New video at the Sea-Monkey® Cam section!
  • New Sea-Monkey email addresses?
  • Send an online Sea-Monkey® Virtual Card!
  • Sea-Monkey® owner sets a record.
  • FAQ: Several methods to aereate the water; and a visitor invention to achieve the same.
  • This month's winner and how do I choose them...!
  • Our thanks to a special person
  • New FREE screensaver
  • Do colors and sounds have some effects on Sea-Monkeys®?
  • Blowing a Castle
  • Vintage Sea-Monkey® Item Give-A-Way
  • FAQ: Does the water last for two years?
  • Backstage Heroes
  • New Kits!
  • FAQ: How to tell them apart; detailed facts and historic view
  • Transcience's Bizarre Pets
  • Artemia Desktop Toy
  • FAQ: Adding ornaments to the tank
  • New Racing Speedway & Video!
  • A Star is Born
  • Win your OWN Magic Castle
  • FAQ: Proper uses for portable aquariums and other uses for this xmas
  • Little Things that Helps a Lot!
  • A New Triops Network
  • FAQ: Facts about the Space Shuttle
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