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What am I holding? The very first pre-Sea-Monkey kit... it was called just "Instant Life!". The kit was dated 1962. One aluminum packet was the only thing needed to raise "Deep-Sea Shrimp". Im also holding the first 1967 manual... it contains the secret formula for Sea-Medic... only I'm not allow to tell :)
1963 and 1968 Water Purifier packets. The brand name "Sea-Monkeys® wasnt unveiled until 1963 and the packet 1 and 2 formulas werent patented until 1972. Can you tell how many "hours" the 1963 packet states on the front cover?
At last, the "Magic Sea-Monkeys®" packet #2, Instant-Life® eggs from 1963 and 1968 kits. Can you tell how many minutes the 1963 packet states on the front cover?
Why I have been so noisy with my signature in the photos? It is because I visited several Sea-Monkey sites and catched others using pictures from my site without giving me proper credit. This wont stop people from copying them but they will have a lot of trouble cleaning up the photos. Another downside of this unauthorized use is that I get discouraged and am reluctant to show off more of my stuff. So my apologies to you good guys hopefully in the future I will show more stuff.

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