I have set this page up with programs that I have been subscribed to, and are confirmed legitimate, to give some of our visitors the chance to put a few extra dollars in their pockets. The programs are cost free so its a sure win situation for you.

Make some moneyAllAdvantage (Pay-to Surf)
- $0.50/Hour + Referrals
- The best money making program on the internet. You can make $.50/hour when you're signed on to the Viewbar.  Your referrals will also generate you money every hour they're sign on to the Viewbar.  Also ranked the best paid to surf program on the internet.

Make some moneyGetPaid4 (Pay-to-Surf)
- $1/hour + Referrals
- This is one of the best programs. You get a huge amount of up to $1 a hour online!.   They also have the highest referral pay rate.  And the referral scale is 7.

Make some moneyePilot (Pay-to-Use)
- $20/month + Referrals
- They pay you to have this little button on a empty space by your start menu.  You get $20/month + referrals just for using it.  Takes up like 1/2" of space.

Make some moneyPayBar (Pay-to-Surf)
- $.60/1000 Ads + Referrals
- Instead of pay you by the hour, you get paid for every ad you view

Make some moneymValue (Pay-to-Surf)
- .60/hour + Referrals
- This program not only pays you for the amount of time you're surfing, they also give away prizes to the people that have the most referrals and time logged on.

Make some moneyALLCLiCKS (Pay-to-Click)
- $.03/click
- They let you put a link anywhere you want and as long as someone clicks it, they pay you.

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