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Sea-Monkey art from when Larami was the distributor

Sea-Monkey articles as seen from the past.  If you want to share this info please put a link from your page to this table, instead of copying it.  This data collection took much effort and time as well as my personal experience.  Some of these articles are found in my 'Personal Museum', remember to drop by and take a look.  If you know of any missing article, please drop me a note so I can add it.
I want to send a special thanks to Aqua-Boy from Sea-Monkey Central for contributing to make this page complete.

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Transcience pass thru various changes of name, address and distributors in its 40 years.  Originally Transcience was know as 'HoneyToys'.   This name appears in the first patents of "Instant-Life®" and "Instant-Pets®" among others.  Some older Sea-Monkey® fans may remember the New York addresses on 200 Fifth Avenue and at PO Box 270 in Flushing, NY.

Among the important distributors were Larrami, Basic Fun and ExploraToy.  The artwork from the original packages were ingenious, but I also liked the 3D art on the set that Larrami distributed.  Basic Fun didn't distributed for very long and now the distribution is in the hands of ExploraToy.  The art used on the current packages seems childish to me, but the articles such as the Fun Aquarium Watch and Magic Castle are produced by ExploraToy which goes to show a genuine interest in distributing the Sea-Monkeys®.

Next you'll find a table of Sea-Monkey articles some are still on sale and others are now history.

I have classified the following articles as they appear in the manual, using the following legend:

{f} This article appears in the first generation of the manual since mid 60's and beginning of the 70's
{s} This article appears in the second generation of the manual since mid 70's and beginning of the 80's
{t} This article appears in the third generation of the manual of the 90's until the present (pre 2000)
{v} Indicates that this article retains its number but has undergone significant changes or variations.

Example: an article with the {fst} legend, means that this article exists since the first generation manual and is still currently available.
An article with the {s} legend, means that it only existed in the second generation manual.

An asterik (*) after the number, means that this article should be included in your next order if you do not already have it.
Please remember to verify if the article is still in circulation in the "On Sale" column, before including it in your shopping list.

If the word "YES" is underlined then this link will take you to where you can buy this article on the internet.

The kits are classified according to the following legend:

[SWR] Shrink-Wrap
[BLC] Blister-Card
[GFB] Gift-Box
[2PX] 2-Piece Box
[GBL] Giant Blister-Card
[LIC] Litho-Card

Example:  An article that has the two legends, for example, article #350 {fstv}[LIC], means that this article appears in ALL the manuals (first, second and third generations) with some variations in its contents and appearance and the kit with the same number was sold in stores in a "Litho-Card"


Article No. Name On Sale History
Sea-Monkey® Feeding and Measure spoon yes Even though this article is numbered as #1, it wasn't included in the first kit.  Originally the manual mentioned to use a paper match to measure the amount of food to be feed.
The first spoon were blue, in the actual kits they're yellow..
Growth Food yes Practically all the Sea-Monkey® food has changed receipe.  Originally all the food was based on yeast (I have been able to corroborate with Aqua-Boy that in the 70's breeders were adviced to use 'bakers yeast' if they ran out of food), but now all the food is algae-based (one of the reasons why the original Sea-Monkey® were so pale and now have a greenish or orange tone).  The first feeding changed from 8 to 5 days.   The label on this packet has undergone several changes, the picture of the Sea-Monkey® mom feeding her babies had two versions.  Then it was labeled as packet #4 and actually is labeled packet #3.  Some modern kits have the second version of the "Sea-Monkey® mom".  I also remember that the food had dry color crystals that "painted" the water green (I imagine that these crystals were made of  'methylene blue' that can be found at pet shops).  These crystals are now found in packet #2.
Super Food yes Change of receipe.
Sea-Fire NO An article that I never had the chance to buy.  Suposedly was an additive that you mix into the formula so that it would 'glow in the dark'.  When I get a chance Im going to visit the 'Phosphourescent Bay' here in Puerto Rico to obtain some of these micro-organism and experiment with them, to see if I can offer this article.
19, 19B
"Port-A-Pet" yes (the original is not available) This portable tank had a great change.  It was a cilindric tube (test-tube) with a plastic cover that gave its name 'aquarium-pen' because it could be placed in the shirt's pocket.   This is now a small wide plastic container with a lid and a magnifying glass.  The old version was more elegant but not as durable because it was made of glass (maybe that's why they retired it).  You can see it in my personal museum.
Surgical Type FILTER Face Mask NO Can you believe it?  The original manual suggested that you use a face mask when playing with your pets if you had a cold. That isn't such a bad idea.
Magnifying Glass NO Simple small magnifying glass.  Good quality for the price.
Jumbo Living Plasma yes This article deserves a prize.  It is the only article that has not changed since it was introduced, even its price remains the same.  This packet makes one quart of formula when mixed with packet#1, water purifier.  The artwork is the same as the Plasma that was sold in the original set.
Curiously, the date on this packet is still (c)1972, maybe that is why neither the formula nor the price has changed.
24, 24A, 24B
Plasma, Plasma 2, Plasma 3 yes (Plasma3 only) This article is a little controversial, because it has changed in formula, method of use and aparience various times.  Breath deeply before continuing...
Ok, in the 1960's the original Plasma only added more salt to the formula, it was mixed apart in 6 ounces of water and was added by the spoonfull to the formula, every 4th time that you replaced water due to evaporation.
In the 70's the instructions changed, and the complete package had to be dissolved in the Sea-Monkey® formula on the third day of the Sea-Monkey's® life (remember that Sea-Monkey® are species that lives in highly salty waters) and this original Plasma had the same artwork (on a smaller scale) that is still used on the Jumbo Living Plasma label.
Later on at the end of the 70's the formula changed and now contained micro-nutrients, and this was called Plasma2 and was labeled packet #3.  The instruction indicated that it has to be mixed into the formula on the second day of life of the Sea-Monkeys®.  This is now known as packet #4.
The current instructions on the Plasma2 packet indicates that at least 10 days pass before adding it to the formula.
The Plasma3 change again this pattern and indicated that 3 big scoops of the feeding spoon should be added every 2 weeks beggining on the 10th day of life of the Sea-Monkey®.
Which instructions should you follow? the one that is indicated on the kit you have purchased.
The artwork on the Plasma3 is similar to the Jumbo Living Plasma, on a smaller scale and with some color variations.
Please visit my Personal Museum where you can see a photo of the instructions that were printed on these Plasma packets.
kit #24B
Sea-Monkey® "Growth Food" NO For some reason this article, which consisted of a packet of Growth Food on a Blister Card, was given the same number as the Plasma3 (or viceversa?).
If your interested in buying Growth Food, ask for article # 12 from Transcience.
"Water Purifier" yes The art on this packet had a 'scientific Sea-Monkey®' mixing formulas.   Now it only has a big #1 on the label.
31, 31-A
Sea-Monkeys eggs.
yes The artwork on this packet had various baby Sea-Monkeys® hatching and a 'doctor Sea-Monkey®' taking their pulse.  Now it only has a 'big' #2 on the label.   Most probably the micro-nutrients have changed the receipe because the food is now algae based and the fact that the eggs are hybrid Sea-Monkeys (these eggs were specified as item#31-A but currently all Sea-Monkeys are "Super" Sea-Monkeys® making it obsolete to number them differently)
This packet gives the formula a 'green' color.
Manual yes Definitely one of the articles that have changed the most in 40 years.  I would need another page to describe all the changes.  From the appareance, descriptions, instructions, breeding methods and items for sale.
This only means that Mr. Braunhut has always maintained the formulas 'up-to-date' and develops new breeding procedures during these 40 years.
I find that the original Sea-Monkey® manual was rustic because the breeding procedures were n't as refined.  The artwork on the manuals from the 70's and 80's were of good quality.  Mr. Braunhut has promised to update the book to 40 pages (currently 32) in a near future.
Sea-Monkey T-Shirt yes This is a modern item, maybe to be in style during the trend of t-shirts.   The only thing that is missing is that the Pokémon trend mixed with the Sea-Monkeys®.  It could happen, the Sea-Monkeys® were the firsts 'pocket-pets' that can be trained and they're alive!
Micro-View "OCEAN ZOO" yes This is an article that has undergone various changes but it has the same appearance with different colors.
The first 'Micro-Vue', as it was known, was blue and had 3 magnifying lenses on one side.  The amount of lenses and the colors have varied thru time.  It appears that the lenses on the original tanks were added after the manufacture because you could see grooves around the lenses.  In the modern tanks the lenses are beautifully integrated on the tank's wall.
'Castle-Top' "Ocean-Zoo" COVER yes A simple piece from the original cover of the Micro-Vue.
Deluxe Micro-View "Ocean Zoo" yes This is the tank with the original cover.  This cover has a transparent top with two magnifying glasses and a feeding tube in the middle.  The tube had its own cover.  The base of this cover has small lateral openings, simulating a castle.   This cover was converted to one solid piece (50A) and is included in the current sets..
Electric "Show-Boat" yes This is the same Micro-Vue tank but with an electric-lighted cover (see item #54).  This cover can be used to project the shadows of the Sea-Monkeys® on a little white cardboard that has Sea-Monkeys® printed on it, simulating spectators in a theater.   It came with a base and another piece of cardboard that held the projector.
Light-Up Aquarium Cover yes This is an electric-lighted cover (uses batteries). You can change the filter on the lightbulb to obtain various effects with color. This article was originally very strange, it was a cardboard and aluminum box that was placed over the cover. It came in various pieces that had to be assembled.  The current version is worth having if you own a Micro-View. This cover had a different mecanisim when it was distributed by Larami, it used only one doble A battery that is inserted thru the side.
Snap-On Projector Color Filters yes Assorted color filters for the lightbulb (article 54)
Sea-Show Projector Screen yes This is a cardboard cut out that is included in item #53, but that can be purchased apart if you own a Micro-View tank and decide to purchase a Light up Acuarium Cover (item 54)
Projector Housing yes This is a  cardboard cut out that holds the cover with light on one side of the tank so that the Sea-Monkey®s shadows can be projected on the wall or on item #56.
Sea-Medic yes This article is one of the most important items to own, mainly because most people overfeed their Sea-Monkeys® and the lack of oxygen can contribute to the formation of fungus (small black dots on Sea-Monkey® bodies).  Like all formulas this additive had a change in receipe.  What has stayed the same is the purple color that it adds to the tank.
It is strange that the packet no longer makes a reference to the 'black spots' sickness and it appears that the anti-bacterial agent was replaced with a deacidifier agent, but nobody knows for sure.  If you though Coronel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chickens was the only one with secret receipes, you should know, that Mr. Braunhut keeps all the Sea-Monkey® formulas, a secret.
Banana-Treat yes Sea-Monkey food (desert?).  Like all the food, it had a change of receipe.
"Million-Bubble" Air Pump yes This is another "must-have" item.  Its an aereator for your tank.  It function manually, you place it in the tank and squeeze it for a minute 2 or 3 times a day.  You should use it daily during the first week of life.  This item is basically an Aqua-Leash with an airstone.  This article appears in the second generation manual and was called "Oxy-Mist"
Sea-Monkey® Racing Fuel maybe For some reasons, this item has the same number as the "Million Bubble" Air Pump, so if you do not specify the name of the item, you might receive something you did not order.  This is a salt-based formula with colorant, that is mixed in a quart of water and is used on the Sea-Monkeys® race tracks. It is a diluted salt water solution that makes the Sea-Monkeys® feel lighter.  It comes in different colors.
Gro-Kwikly Growth Stimulator yes Even though this formula had a change of receipe, the magic ingredient that stimulates rapid growth, has not changed and works the same way.  Alternate with Growth Food once a week it may take up to 48 hours to see the effect on the Sea-Monkeys®.
"Cupids Arrow" Mating Powder yes Like article #75, this suffered a change of receipe, but the magic ingredient that stimulate the mating response still works well.  This is almost always used when (or were) the tempature is cool, and only works on adult Sea-Monkey®.  This method of mating is beautifull because the Sea-Monkeys® appear to be swimming in pairs up to several days
Think of this as Sea-Monkey's Viagra.
Sea-Vac NO This is a simple eye-dropper.  It was perfect for cleaning debris from the bottom of the tank and capturing baby Sea-Monkeys, but not for adult Sea-Monkeys.   Aqua-Leash is now the most versatile item that replace the Sea-Vac.
I remember that I once received an Aqua-Leash that had been cut in half when I ordered this item possibly just when it was retired.  A wise decision?  I would have paid the extra 50 cents!
But possibly the real cause of this strange behaviour is that the Aqua-Leash was too long to fit in the box that was normally used to send kit #132 that included the Sea-Vac.
"Aqua-Leash" yes Another "must-have" article (are you writing this down?).  With this item, you can transfer your Sea-Monkeys® safely from one tank to another or from a portable tank or race track.  It can also be use to clear debris from the bottom of the tank.  The original was longer.  You can see a photo of the original Aqua-Leash in my Personal Museum.
Sea-Diamonds yes This is similar to fish tank gravel, but transparent.  Basically anything that is introduced into the Sea-Monkey® tank can contaminated the water, but these 'diamonds' are made of the same material as the Micro-Vue tank, which makes them safe for them.
I personally advise to wait until your Sea-Monkeys® are adult because they'll enjoy it more and they appear to play with them as they float in the water.
Red Magic yes This is one of the food items that has changed very little because its receipe has always been algae-based.  Currently it has a soft red tone that the original did not have.  Since Red Magic was the only algae-based food, the Sea-Monkeys® acquired a natural red tone.
"Smart Mouse" Half Way House yes This is an item that has nothing to do with Sea-Monkey®.  It is important for Mr. Braunhut to help conserve the species even if we are talking about mice.   This is a mouse-trap that doesnt harm the mouse and lets you free it in another place.
"Growing" Sea-Monkey® YES The basic packets to start a new Sea-Monkey® family.  For some strange reason this article was renumbered as item #128.
The Original Sea-Monkey® Growing Kit YES The basic packets to start a new Sea-Monkey® family (known as #126).   This kit is actually numbered #6605 in stores and includes a small, good-quality magnifying glass.
The Living Sea-Gem NO See art. #350
Professional Sea-Monkey Hobby Center yes One of my favorite and most ordered item in the 80's.  It is basically a Micro-Vue tank with the all the packets necesary to start a new Sea-Monkey® family.    It used to included a Sea-Vac but currently the aditional items may vary. (see item #85)
kit #200
"Instant-Life" Hybrid Sea-Monkeys® NO Basically this is what is known as the actual item #128 from Transcience or kit #6605 from Exploratoy.
kit #300
"Jumbo Kit" Hybrid Sea-Monkeys® NO Basically this was the basic kit that included Plasma and the official manual. in a Giant Blister Card.
In Puerto Rico this kit was sold in spanish language (including the manual) at the end of the 70's and beginning of the 80's.
"Sea-Bubble" Pendant yes
(articles are sold separatelly, no longer available in a 'Litho-Card')
This article went thru a great change.
Originally this item was numbered #128 and was made of glass and called "The Living Sea-Gem".
Currently it is made of plastic.  The glass bubble-container looked 'mystic' and came with a genuine 14k gold necklace and a basic Sea-Monkey® kit.
Currently the 'bubble' comes with a Sea-Diamond packet.  It is rumored that is item was originally known as the "David Jones Locket".
kit #400
"Rack Pack" Hybrid Sea-Monkeys® NO This kit only contained packets #1,#2 and the Growth Food
kit #600
Hybrid Sea-Monkeys® Hobby Center NO Basically this kit is what is known today as article #132 from Transcience.
kit #601
Electro Sea-Monkey® Hobby Center NO A scale-down version of item #53 & #128 from Transcience.  Practically the same as item #6003 "Ocean of Light" from ExploraToy.
kit #650
Super Sea-Monkey® Ocean Zoo NO A scale-down version of item #51 & #128 from Transcience.  Practically the same item as  #6001 "Ocean Zoo" from ExploraToy.
Live Sea-Monkey® Racing Game yes This is a genuine race track for 1 to 6 Sea-Monkey® competitors.  How does it work?  This track is designed so that a stream of water flows down and encourages the Sea-Monkeys® natural urge to swim against the current.  You can imagine the rest of the story.  In the mid 70's, various tracks were designed, these kits were composed of two basic tracks with themes that included Fox Hunt, Cycle Race, Ski Trials and a simple Racing game.
Even though all the games had just two styles of tracks, one with curves and the other straight, the design, the color of the tracks, and the racing fuel colors varied according to the game's theme.
Today the game only included one aqua-track.  The catalog does not state which track, curve or straight is included in the modern set.
kit #701
Live Sea-Monkey® Races NO This is practically the same as article #700 from Transcience..
kit #800
Wonderful World of Sea-Monkeys® NO This is basically the items #51 & #128, with a Sea-Vac, Super-Food and Red Magic as bonus items, packed in a well designed 2 piece box that drew a lot of attention.   This kit was promoted as "3 in 1" because of all the bonus items included.  There's a picture in my 'Personal Museum'.
kit #801
Electric "Wonderful World of Sea-Monkeys®" NO The same as #800 but with a electric-lighted cover.
Executive Sea-Monkeys® YES This is basically the same as #132 and #128 with a beautifully ebony base Micro-Vue tank with a Deluxe cover and a packet of Sea-Diamonds.
This item originally included a packet of Red Magic and a beautifull golden cover.
ORIGINAL Sea-Monkey® Racing Game NO This game was designed to simulate a Sea-Monkey car race.  It came with two aqua-tracks with straight tracks, and a small circular insert that could be interchanged with a straight or curved path.  The color of the tracks was red and the racing fuel was dark-blue/violet tone.
All the racing games included a basic Sea-Monkey set and two Aqua-Leash.
You can view a photo of these sets in my 'Personal Museum' section.
Instant-Aquarium NO Just as the name suggest, this item was a portable 'instant-aquarium'.  It was made of thick cardboard incased in transparent vynil.  The cardboard was decorated with a beautifull acuatic scene.  The aquarium had the ability to open and accomodate various quarts of water.  Once set-up, the aquarium did not need much space and had a built-in cover.  The whole aquarium was decorated including the cover and the bottom, inside and out.
It also had a small opening where the 'Million Bubble' Air Pump could be inserted.
Instant-Terrarium NO Same as "Instant-Aquarium" but with desert scenes like the ones found in Arizona deserts (with cactus and all). A spectacular drawing.
Personally my terrarium lasted longer than my aquarium, possibly due to weight of the water, that bent the walls due to constant use.
Sea-Monkey® Ski-Trials Game NO The same concept as the racing game.
This was the first to use a 'straight' track and a 'curved' one.  The game theme was a ski race and the colors of the tracks and racing fuel were blue.
Sea-Monkey® Cycle-Race Game NO This was the first game designed to use two curved tracks.
The game's theme was a 'dirt-bike' race and the tracks were yellow and the racing fuel was orange (simulating mud).
Sea-Monkey® Fox-Hunt Game NO Similar to Ski-Trials game, but the color of the tracks and racing fuel was green and it had a 'Fox-Hunt' design, with Sea-Monkey horses, Sea-Monkey dog, and even a 'foxy' Sea-Monkey.
kit #6001
Ocean-Zoo® YES This kit contains the basic  packets and a Micro-Vue with a simple cover..
kit #6002
Ocean of Fun YES This kit contains the basic packets and a neon Micro-Vue with a simple cover.   It includes a packet of Sea-Diamonds.
kit #6003
Ocean of Light YES This kit contains the basic  packets and a Micro-Vue with an electric-lighted cover.  It also include a packet of Plasma.
kit #6009
Aquarium Fun Watch YES This watch has a removable plastic dome, where you can carry Sea-Monkeys.   It also included an Aqua-Leash and a basic set for starting a new Sea-Monkey family.
kit #6010
Ghostly Galleon YES This is a novelty article and includes many extras.  It has all the basic packets needed (including Plasma3 and a manual) to start a new Sea-Monkey family.  It has a Micro-Vue with electric-lighted cover (the light can be removed and serves like a flashlit), an Aqua-Leash, a 'Million-Bubble' Air Pump, a printed cardboard (item #56 'Projector Screen') and a pretty plastic galleon ship (that glows in the dark) that can be placed inside the tank.
kit #6046
Ocean of Wonder YES This set has all the necessary packets, including Plasma, needed to start a new Sea-Monkey family.  It comes with a neon Micro-Vue and a simple cover.
kit #6605
"Original" Instant-Life® YES The basic packets (#1,#2 & Growth Food) with feeding spoon and a small, good-quality magnifying glass.  Of course, the original 1960 kit was far from resembling this.
kit #6608
Magic Castle YES This article has had a good acceptance among new and veterans Sea-Monkey breeders.  This tank is completelly different from the standard tank.  It has an integrated castle and lively colors on the interior and exterior.  The tank is strong and almost spill-proof.  It comes with a small cover that acts as a magnifying glass and helps prevent the rapid evaporation of water.  It comes with Plasma3 and an Aqua-Leash.  It has a good price and would be perfect if it included a manual..


Space Shuttle YES One of the best designed kits for your pets! Comes with a basic set, built-in light AND aereation system! And... the Space Ship looks gorgeous in any room!

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