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"With only water and the 'crystals' in your Sea-Monkey® kit, you will create INSTANT-LIFE®"...
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Sea-Monkey Manual in spanish

Some items from our collection
Sea-Monkey manual in Spanish and a Plasma packet from 1978 labeled as packet #3!

If you have Sea-Monkey memorabilia from the 70's or 80's we'd love to show it off on our page!

1978 Plasma ][, labeled as packet #3!
(Note: the Plasma in the new kits is labeled packet #4)

Coming soon:



Here we have my favorite pastime as a child. The Amazing Sea-Monkeys. Thanks to my Mom who ordered a Sea-Monkey kit in the early 70's, I became a fan for life. A few years later I mail ordered more sets and acessories, due in part to a promotion here in Puerto Rico. My love of Sea-Monkeys inspired an interest in biology and chemistry, a field I would have persued, if I hadn't been introduced to computers. I like experimenting so much, that I developed new formulas, and different methods of raising Sea-Monkeys. I even developed various natural habitats (unfortunately these were destroyed by tropical storms and rabbits!).

The scientific name of this species is "Artemia Salina". They are saltwater shrimp, used for many years as fish food because of their high protein content, until Mr. Harold Braunhut discovered that they were better pets than the fish and developed formulas to grow Sea-Monkeys in a unique and fun way. First sold as Instant Life, Mr. Braunhut thought they looked like little monkeys swimming around with their long tails.

The name given to the Artemia that are raised in the labs is "Artemia NYOS" (from New York Ocean Science). This new hybrid specie of Artemia was given the name "Super Sea-Monkeys" because it grew rapidly and lived longer:

Species of Artemia Time to maturity Life Span
Artemia Salina ("Brine Shrimp") 12 to 16 weeks couple of months to a year
Artemia NYOS (called as "Hybrid Super Sea-Monkeys") 4 to 6 weeks up to two years

These 'Artemia NYOS' or 'hybrid Super Sea-Monkeys' are now an integral part of the modern kits and are commonly known as Sea-Monkeys.

As a historical fact, the current packets suffered a change of label a few years back, when the "Growth Food" packet #4 was changed to packet #3, this because Plasma (labeled then #3) was not included in all the kits. To avoid confusion, "Growth Food" was label #3 and Plasma #4 as it actually and officially is today. This change of label probably forced the manual to be rewritten (and I have proof which will be included in the Personal Museum). See my Instructions where you can read about the procedures I personally follow.

Artemia is commonly known as Brine Shrimp, and exist in its natural habitat in the "Great Salt Lake" in Utah, because only Artemia can survive in those levels of salt concentration.  The name scientists have given the amazing rare process of the 'dryed-out', unborn eggs found in the kits, is "cryptobiosis" which means "hidden life".  They actually exist in 'suspended animation'.  Sea-Monkeys® are real time-travellers, asleep in biological time-capsules.



Raising Sea-Monkeys has a high educational value that surpases in my opinion, other similar species, for example, Triops.
Here you'll find a comparison of Sea-Monkeys vs. Triops based on my personal experience. I am aware that this may seem biased to Triops lovers, but as a Sea-Monkey breeder for 25 years, I'll use my free speech to present the case of the "Amazing Sea-Monkeys" vs. "The Terrible Triops".

Qualities to compare Sea-Monkeys Triops
  • neatly packed resistant to moisture.
  • water to be added must be measured because the formula is salt based
  • non-toxic.
  • poor packaging, likely to spoil during distribution and storage.
  • Bacterias and mosquito larvae can grow in the tank.
  • No exact measurment for the water to be used.
Breeding instructions
  • easy to follow
  • sistematic
  • very general
  • can make mistakes in the feeding process.
  • procedures not clearly outlined.
  • complete
  • contains valuable information on Artemias that few books on invertebrate have.
  • a lot of additional items are available.
  • again too general
  • basically a copy of the information in the Sea-Monkey book.
  • no additional items.
  • up to two years (with a little dedication you can breed them thru various generations)
  • If you're lucky, two or three weeks, eventhough the manual states a month and a half.
Pet qualities
  • peace lovers
  • playfull
  • only eats grow food
  • does tricks with light
  • fascinating reproductive method
  • a lot of interesting tanks, acessories, formulas and extras.
  • you can buy watches and Port-a-pets, two different ways to take your pets for a ride and show them off
  • there are race courses based on water streams, your Sea-Monkeys can race
  • predators and cannibals, they eat each other
  • pretty ugly and boring
For unsurpassed educational and entertainment value:
(Educational objectives: Biology, cause and effect, logical thinking, following instructions, observation)
Sea-Monkeys: A+
Triops: C-



Lately, many toy stores have been selling kits with formulas and tanks. Many people who buy these kits feel frustrated because even though the instructions are clear, they do not answer all the doubts or questions that may arise.

If you are about to buy one of these kits, be ready to buy, or take extra precaution that the manual doesn't say or spell out clearly, for example:



If you are really interested in this hobby, order items like 'Jumbo Plasma', 'Water Purifier', 'Aqua Leash', 'Million Bubbles Air Pump' (formerly known as 'Oxy-Mist', to oxigenate the water), 'Sea-Medicine' and maybe another food packet (each food packet can last a year!).

A packet of 'Water Purifier' and a packet of 'Jumbo Living Plasma' make a quart (32 ozs.) of formula, that can be used to separate Sea-Monkeys into various containers (
using the 'Aqua-Leash').
That way you can separate;

or simply to clean or change the water in tank where you keep your Sea-Monkeys.

How should you clean the Sea-Monkeys water? This is done by empting the contents from the tank to a clean container, carefully , so as to leave only a small amount of water on the bottom (where all the sedimentation is found), clean the tank with some distilled water (be sure to throw out the wash water), then empty the formula in the clean tank. The amount of formula that you threw out with the sediments can be replaced with some prepared "Jumbo Living Plasma". You could also prepare a small packet of Plasma, but this only makes 6 ozs. of formula.



The Artemia Lake screensaver (an 'interactive virtual pet' screensaver)

The Sea-Monkey® Plasma Blast (a Sea-Monkey® Windows® action game)

The Artemia Desktop Toy (a Windows® Desktop Pet Toy)


Coming soon:



Coming soon:



Now available!:



(all price quotes may vary)



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