Sea-Monkey® Plasma Blast Game
STAGE 2: Instant Life®

main screen
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In the year 2000 Sea-Monkeys® celebrates 40 years, sparkling the imagination of millions of kids and adults around the world and maybe the galaxy, as Sea-Monkeys® are now space travellers thanks to the NASA space researchs that involves these fantastic pets. This game celebrates the 40th birthday, the new NASA Space Shuttle Sea-Monkey® tank, and honors the creator itself, Mr. Harold Braunhut.

The game has a classic 'space shoot'em up' gameplay with an underwater theme.

Your mission: Hatch as many babies as you can and desintegrate toxic debris from the water. For this, your 'Aqua-Ship' is equipped with a 'PurifiTron' weapon.

Get your thumbs ready as this game is action packed!

The Aqua-Ship is controlled by the Joystick or keyboard. The game turns off joystick controls if you use the keyboard to start the game. The controls are as follows:

UP = Thrust (or Up cursor key)
DOWN = Brake (or Down cursor key)
LEFT = Turn left (or Left cursor key)
RIGHT = Turn right (or Right cursor key)
FIRE = Fire / Start (or SHIFT key)


protect the babies!


  • You can control the acceleration/deceleration of the Aqua-Ship by moving up/down. Keep moving and remember to press 'Down' until you stop if you want to stay in a particular place for a moment.
  • The Aqua-Ship can fire up to 10 shots at a time of PurifiTron ammo, then it needs to be recharged. You can see a yellow bar at the bottom of the screen that represents the amount of ammo. If a Sea-Monkey baby is hanging around the Aqua-Ship, you can only fire up to 3 shots at a time, due to the light energy absorbed by the baby. Just keep defending the babies but do not let them crowd around your ship.
  • The Plasma power-up comes from time to time and you can get a PurifiTron shield if you collide with it or if you shoot at it. The shield only lasts a few seconds so be ready to go into a frenzy and pursue some eggs and debris.
  • In Level 2, beware of middle sized bubbles, they push the babies, in that particular moment they can be dissolved with a PurifiTron shoot. There's no danger to the babies when the bubbles are far (small sized) or closer (large sized). Dont worry if you get hit by the bubble as they dont drain your ship's energy, but stay away from them because it can obstaculize your movements.

Minimum requirements:
Windows 98-2000-XP / Pentium_166 / 8 megs RAM / 3 Megs HD

Download at: (1.20 meg)

Latest DirectX drivers and an accelerated video card are suggested for fastest / fullscreen gameplay.

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