Artemia Lake screensaver v1.0 - ©2005 by the Sea Monkey® Uncle

This screensaver does not depict a Sea-Monkey® such as those found in comic book ads and that's why I named this, "Artemia Lake".
The screensaver will show several "frolicing" artemias swimming around your screen alongside with several bubbles. If you're a Sea-Monkey® breeder, you can distinguish the male from the female. When a male "meets" a female, he will try to grab her, but she'll swim faster to get rid of him, just as in real life. When an Artemia goes off the screen, a bubble will bring it back.

You need to download any version of the "Artemia Feeder" front-end application, to activate the "virtual pet" feature hidden in the screensaver.

What exactly happens when the "Virtual Pet" feature is activated?

  1. You have to feed them once every 3 or 4 days. You'll receive a "starving" message if you forget to feed them, or an "overfeeding" status in case you feed them more than once every 3 or 4 days. The amount of artemias present in the lake will decrease if either of these things happens.
  2. Sometimes when a male "meets" a female, a baby nauplii is born! Look how cute they swim.
  3. You can actually interact with your screensaver, moving a spotlight with the mouse. Artemia breeders know this will attract their pet Artemias to follow the light!.


"Sea-Monkeys®" and "Instant-Life®" are trademarks of Transcience Corp. registered in the U.S. Patent Office and in foreign countries worldwide