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These are the same mail-order classic instant-pets as seen in 1970's comic books.  The "suspended animation" properties of these "dried-out" Sea-Monkey® eggs will never stop to amaze people.

Bring back old memories or introduce you, or a special "someone" to the joy of pet Sea-Monkey® ownership!.


Unsurpassed educational and entertainment value.
Educational objectives: Biology, cause and effect, logical thinking, following instructions, observation

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They're GUARANTEED to GROW!.  Guarantee is honored by the manufacturer (Transcience Corporation)

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More info & videos

female Sea-Monkey running in a racetrack!
Click HERE to watch this cool racing Sea-Monkey® video!
("READY-SET-GO!" 765K 22 secs.)
(Photo: A real female Sea-Monkey® running in an aquatic racetrack!)

The Sea-Monkey® Uncle is a Sea-Monkey® Scientist with more than 30 years experience raising these adorable pets. Uncle's web site was founded in 1996 to help other young scientist around the world. It is one of the oldest Sea-Monkey® web sites, the first that brought you real video footage, pc games, screensavers, an on-line family planner, a historic catalog, a newsletter and give-a-ways among other cool stuff.

Copyright © 2006 Giovanni@Cardona.com.  Please don't use any article or material from this web page without written permission. "Sea-Monkeys®" and "Instant-Life®" are trademarks of Transcience Corp. registered in the U.S. Patent Office and in foreign countries worldwide.

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