Scenes disappearing in "The Game of Death"

The film "The Game of Death" only used half of the films Bruce made. The other half has not been used. Maybe the Producers could use this missing scenes for other movie of Bruce Lee.

Other Bruce missing scene.
When Golden Harvest Company finished "The Game of Death" in 1978, an unfinished work by Bruce Lee, they find a piece of priceless treasure. In their store, they find another film which is secretly made by this Kung-fu superstar. The length of the finished part is about one-third of the whole film. In it, there are extracts in which Bruce teaches Kung-fu, there are some scenes too. Besides, there is a scene in which Bruce cries.

Maybe someday we could get to see this missing scenes of the Legend.

Photo's of Every Film of The Little Dragon.

Bruce Lee in "The Big Boss".

Bruce Lee in "Chinese Connection".

Bruce Lee in "Return of The Dragon".

Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon".

Bruce Lee in "The Game of Death".

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