Return of The Dragon
(Way of the Dragon)

Return of The Dragon originally titled Way of The Dragon, was his third film, was a total Bruce Lee production. He wrote it, directed it, cast it and chose the locations. It was unheard of for a Chinese production company to go the expense of filming in the famed Coliseum in Rome. Chuck Norris, the famous American martial artist, was flown in to make the fight scenes still more exciting and to give this film a true international flavor.

Enter The Dragon

Enter The Dragon is considered by many to be the ultimate martial arts film of all time. Major motion picture stars along with American cinematography techniques were futured. Bruce also showed his weapons ability with the nunchaku and the Filipino double sticks. This was also the only film using his own voice in English.

Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon

Game Of Death

"The Game of Death" was to be his crowing achievement and would have been if he were around to complete it. He wanted to show his gratitude to his former students and instructors by including them in this film. Dan Inosanto was his Filipino-Style opponent, Taky Kimura, unable to attend, was to have been his preying Mantis opponent and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was his unknown style opponent.

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