What is Rotary?
 The Rotary movementwas born on    "Rotary is an organization of busines
 23rd February 1905 in Chicago,    and profecional Person united wordlwide
 Illinois, USA. Paul Harris, then  who provide humanitarian service, encourage 
 a youn lawyer, met with three     high ethical standards in all vocations and
 friend to discuss his idea that   help build goodwill and peace in the world"
 businessmen should get together   ___________________________________________
 periodically in the spirit of    
 camaraderie to enjoy each   other's company and to enlarge  their circle of 
 business and profecional acquaintances 

Out of their discussion came the idea of a man's club whose membership would be
limited to one representative from each business and profesion. Weekly meetings
were to be held at each member's place of businnes in turn. This rotation of 
meetings gave rise to the adoption of the name "Rotary".

The first club, the Rotary Club of Chicago, was soon formally organized with a
membership of 30 with Silvester Schiele as its first president. With more clubs 
beiing funded, "The National Association of Rotary Club was formed with 
Paul Harris as its first president, holding its first convention in 1910 with 
1,500 members in USA. Rotary became international in 1911, when clubs were formed
in Canada, Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain and this organization was renamed
"Rotary International" in 1922 to reflect its international status.

As the organization expanded, it deepened its purpose and developed its deal of 
"Service Above Self" which became the motto of Rotary since it best explains  the
philosophy of unselfish volunteer service. The Rotary wheel emblem, adopted from
a wagon wheel, was said to illustrate "Civilization and Movement". For member to 
accept the Idea of Service, the Aims and Objects' of Rotary was develope in 1926
and these were later expressed as Rotary's main object' with four ' Avenues of
Service" which describe the primary areas of Rotary activity. They are the Club 
Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, and the International Service.
These Avenue are exemplified in the activities of all Rotary Clubs and Roatrians

In 1928, The Rotary Foundation was formally established "to accep endowments for
the purpose of doing good in the world" (1917 RiPres Arch Klumph). The Foundation 
grew steadly and is now receiving more than US$80 mil. each year It supports a wide
rage of humanitarian grants and educational programs that enable Rotarians to bring
hope and promote international understanding and peace throughout the world. Any 
member who donates US$1,000 to the Foundation is recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow
(PHF). Worldwide, there are now 795,908 PHFellow.  
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