Guayama Rotary Celebrates their 68 Aniversary

The Rotary Club of Guayama, Inc. celebrates their 68 years of service to the comunity with activities that conmemorate this event.

The Rotary Club of Guayama, Puerto Rico was admited to the big family of Rotary International on june, 1935

The Rotary Club is located in Ave. Los Veteranos, and received its Constitutional letter which certifies it as a member of the big family of the International Asociation of Rotary Club on october 1935. Its patrocinator was the Rotary Club of Ponce. The site where the Club is located was donated by his Member.

The actual physical facilities of the Club where inagurated on june 19,1954 with a dance to which special guests where invited . The Club was constituted by 39 founder Members who were recogniced members of our community. Among them were:

Enrique J. Anglade, Pedro E. Anglade, Pompilio Anselmi, Fernando Beiró Robira, José G. Bloise, Luis Blondet Delanoy, Enrique Calimano Díaz, Emilio Cofresí, Sergio Cuevas, Francisco Diego, Celestino Dominguez Rubio, Luis Dominguez Rubio, Tomás Dominguez Rubio, Gabriel Fernós, Francisco R. Fernández, Rafael Fontané, Arturo García Soltero, Armando García Soltero, Enrique Gil, Ramón Gonzalez Hernández, William D. Hymers, E. W. Keith, Agustín Márquez, José Mera, Ramón B. Morales, A. J. Navas Torres, Rafael Nido, Marcelo J. Obén, Eduardo R. Pérez, Adolfo Porrata Doria, Francisco Porrata Doria, Juan Rivera Vives, Joaquín Rovira Tomás, José Rovira Tomás, Eugene. F. Rice, Salvador Antonettti, Juan G. García, Leo R. O'Neil, Orlando Porrata Doria.

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