Guayama Lions Celebrate their 50 Aniversary

The Lions Club of Guayama, Inc. celebrate their 50 years of service to the comunity with activities that conmemorate this event.

The Lions Club is located in Ave. Los Veteranos, and received its Constitutional letter which certifies it as a member of the big family of the International Asociation of LionClub on February 8, 1949. Its patrocinator was the Lions Club of Ponce. The site where the Club is located was donated by the C/L Leopoldo Bello.

The physical facilities of the Club where inagurated on October 12, 1952 with a dance to which special guests where invited , the founder of International Lions, Melvin Jones and his wife Helen, also who later became Pres. of International Lions, Sr. Jorge Bird Fernandez from Guayama.The Club was constituted by 25 founder Members who were reconiced members of our community among them were;

Enrique J. Anglade, Ismael Anglade, Luis Anglade, Juan Anglade, Abraham Nives, J. Ignacio Aponte, Félix Alvares, Emilio Calimano, Luis Blondet Bloise, José Luis Feijoó, Arturo G. Brenes, Ramón López, Agustín Medina, Jorge Navas Jr, Samuel Angelí, Norberto Arbona, Matías Arroyo, Eduardo Caussade, Charlie L. Cordero, Dr. Jaime L. Fuster, Enrique Girod Giol, Angel D. Marchand Paz, Herminio Miranda Jr, Miguel Truyol, Félix Santiago.

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