Geometry Visualization

I enjoy Geometry Visualization as an art form and as a didactic resource to improve young people's intuition for Mathematics, so that they could get motivated toward research as an adventure in their lives. In particular, I appreciate the following Polyhedral people pages: G. W. Hart and R. Maeder,

J. H. Conway's Cosmogram and Odom's Golden Section

Here you can find Christine Tuveson's beautiful picture of John Horton Conway's Cosmogram: an icosahedron inscribed in an octahedron inscribed in a tetrahedron inscribed in a cube inscribed in a dodecahedron. I find it amazingly beautiful. According to a reported letter of G. Odom to M. Wenninger, the middle points A and B of two adjacent cube faces in Tuveson's figure define a segment whose extension to a vertex C of the dodecahedron defines the segment AC divided by B in golden section. You can take a look at Tuveson's pictures of this here and here. These pictures and comments resulted from electronic discussions between the above mentioned people, including N. Johnson, J. Sharp, G. Olshevski, G W. Hart, R. Towle, etc. My daughter Silvina observed my interest in these objects and facts and sent me this Father's day surprise.

Plane Geometry Ideas

On the other hand, I think that pieces of software like Geometry Sketchpad, SuperSupposer or Cabri may be integrated as models of visualizion for a formal education in Plane Geometry, without lessening the merits of theorem-proving in a classical mathematical formation. On the contrary, geometric intuition and mathematical rigor intertwine in a child's or adolescent's mind, nourished with enough exercising through challenging problems posed by a motivated teacher.



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