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Calypso beach front Bar & Caribbean Grill in Rincon, Puerto Rico! Surf, Sun & Fun at at Maria's Beach!

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Calypso Tropical Bar is above the famous Maria's Beach.   Rincon & Puerto Rico is famous for it's miles of secluded beaches, and some of the best are visible from, or a short beach stroll down from Calypso. We are a Beach Buff and Surfers Dream come true.

Calypso Tropical Bar

This photo was featured in Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine.   "Calypso Cafe is a favored hangout for surf spectators" It is also where some of the best surfers in Puerto Rico and the world hang out between sessions.   Since this photo, Calypso has been completely renovated by Cindie, and is even more attractive and comfortable while maintaining it's Unique Ambiance.

Surf in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Home of the first "World Surfing Contest" in 1968, and is favored by surfers around the world.  Below Calypso Cafe are the breaks "Maria's Dogmans", "The Point". And on the biggest days, the respected and sometime feared "Tres Palmas" is down the beach. Calypso is the Center for surf, beachcombing, purchasing beach apparel or surf gear, or hanging out with the coolest!

Jim at Calypso Kitchen

And the food is here now!  Check out our menu.  Our chef Jim at the grill.

"Calypso beach front Bar and Caribbean Grill" is the place to be in Rincon, Summer or Winter!  Where are you?

Beach Front Bar

Caribbean Grill

World Class Surfing Beach.

Best Frozen Tropical Drinks

Casual Outdoor Patio

The best place in Puerto Rico for Beautiful Sunsets!

Desecheo Island View.

Whale Watching.

Calypso Cafe & Tropical Bar is the place to go for the best and most laid back entertainment in Rincon.  Check back here soon for the latest info on what's happening around and about Calypso and Rincon!
  • Sunset Happy Hour - 5 to 7 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday Nights Dance to Live Music! 10 til 2
  • Full Moon Parties each Month

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When coming from Rincon follow road 413, turn Left on 4413, the road to Rincon's Famous El Faro lighthouse. When coming from Puntas, on 413, turn Right on 4413 to El Faro.  Or E-Mail (English Only Please) for Map and directions.

Maria's Beach has a Beautiful History

During the World Contest in 1968 at Maria's Beach, the so called "hippies" set up tents behind the house of Doņa Maria.  Next to Maria's is a surfbreak called "Dogmans", named for an old man who lived in front of the break.   He had long white hair and beard, and used to walk with his dogs, collecting coconuts in a burlap bag.  He and Doņa Maria are remembered fondly by all who knew them.   It is unique characters like Dogman, and many others like him that created the unique atmosphere of Calypso Tropical Bar.


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