Bandera de P.R.

Puerto Rico

Bandera de P.R.

Puerto Rico is the smallest of the group of islands known as the West Indies or Greater Antilles in the Atlantic Ocean. Along with the Lesser Antilles, South and Central America, the West Indies surround the Caribbean Sea. The following map shows the Caribbean region. Puerto Rico is located some 1,000 miles (1,600 Km) to the southeast of Miami, Florida and some 500 miles (800 Km) to the north of Venezuela.

Map of the Caribbean

Puerto Rico, due to its location, has a tropical climate all year round although this also means occasional visits from hurricanes and tropical storms coming mostly from Africa.

Puerto Rico actually consists of several islands and islets. The main island is Puerto Rico itself, the largest approximately 100 miles (160 Km.) by 35 miles (60 Km.). The islands of Vieques and Culebra are at a relatively short distance from the east coast of Puerto Rico. Vieques and Culebra are municipalities of Puerto Rico. These three islands are the only ones permanently inhabited. Other important islands are Mona, 72 Km to the west of Puerto Rico, currently a very important natural reserve, Monito close to Mona and Desecheo which is visible from the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Map of Puerto Rico

The climate in Puerto Rico varies according to location, ranging from humid in the northeast corner, where El Yunque Rain Forest is located (the only tropical forest part of the United States Forest Service) to dry in the southwest where the Guánica Dry Forest is located. This situation is the result of the interaction of the Cordillera Central, a mountain range that spans from Yabucoa in the southeast to Mayagüez in the west and the trade winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean.

The mountains, lagoons and islets of Puerto Rico are habitat for a large number of species of plants and animals, many of them endemic or endangered. Some of these species are presented in our products.

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